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Strapping a bike into a tautliner????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shaneo25, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Hey guys this may have been covered b4 but I am considering a trip down south and instead of riding down I have a mate who drives a tautliner to Melbourne each week and I am considering just strapping the bike into the back of that and 2 up driving down with him...

    Questing is: how do I securely strap an R1 without damages into the back of a tautliner with the flimsy gates they have for a 2100km drive....

    Any help would be appreciated

  2. Standard tie-downs being the obvious answer.
    The tautliner has no anchor holes (or similiar) on it's floor? What about securing them to the bottom of a couple of heavy crates?
  3. Standard tie-downs could work OK going out through the sides and anchoring to the rails of the trailer itself... The angle would be pretty shallow, so I'd recommend front and rear, and also low (swingarm or fork legs.)

    I have in the past (and with my crappy old GPX250 that I wasn't exactly precious about) used wads of packing blankets and actually strapped the bike to the gates - like enough to have a good couple of inches of padding between the bike and the gate. Don't use the side-stand, just lean the bike against the gates. Wrap more blankets around the bike to protect from the straps, and strap from underneath right up and over. Then also secure the wheels to the gates (rope or more straps) to prevent them slipping out from under the bike.

    In that instance the truck was packed with other stuff so the gates were under tension and not moving - I'd consider strapping the gates both inward and outward to ensure it won't flap around if the truck is otherwise empty. You want to remove any movement that could, over a long trip, alter the pack.

    Worked OK for me, but standard disclaimers obviously apply!