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Strapping a bike down

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by plaidler, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. G'day all
    I'm heading down to Victoria just after Australia day, taking my van and want to take my bike down as well.
    I used today to have a practice at getting the bike in and strapping it down and wanted to ask for any tips or how i can improve upon what i did.
    Bike is a yamaha xvs 650
    Van is a toyota hiace lwb 1t
    Front shocks are compressed, front brake lever is compressed.
    I went for a drive round the block and the bike didnt move an inch. I have a wheel chock for the front i should be picking up thursday as the final piece. Took me a few goes to get the bike in trying to find the most comfortable way to do it.

    Would love to ride down but will wait till i have my opens for interstate trips(90kph limit atm). Need a car down there to drive daughter around.

    All criticism welcomed as thats why i posted.





  2. Looks good to me.

    Only thing I'd change is having the "Hooks" on your bars, as with any bumps/heavy braking, these straps can dislodge from the bike, or the tie down anchor points.

    I'd invest in proper motorcycle straps, with snap locks on one end and the strapping loops on the bar ends, no scratches. (your bike looks in good nick, so decent straps will reduce the chance of it toppling).

    Remember, in Vic, you can ride at the posted limit.
  3. Looks ok,I wouldnt worry about tieing the brake on,just put it in 1st gear.Can you still get the ramp in.Dont crank down massivly on the forks,I have blown seals before we started wacking on old plastic oil can between the guard and the tyre on dirtbikes..You just need enough to hold it,Carabeena style hooks are better than open style.Get them from camping and climbingshops. Make sre you turn the fuel taps off,it might get smelly.
  4. Don't compress the forks all the way. You actually want some travel so they can absorb the bumps
  5. Thanks for the replies, how far for the forks? Half way?.
    I think i can redo the straps to not rely on the hook staying there and i will look around for better straps as well.
  6. Don't worry about trying to prevent your bike from moving backwards - only minor securing needed for that direction. You're not going to dump it out the back of the van under brutal acceleration.

    But you DO need to think about making sure the bike cannot move forward. Emergency braking in the van will place substantial loads on the tiedowns.

    Unless the wheels are secured in braces, they should be tied laterally (across the van). It would be unfortunate if the bike "slipped out from under" the tiedowns because the tyres lost their grip on the floor of the van.
  7. i did buy some straps to tie across the rear wheel from one side of the van, loop around the wheel at bottom then other side, but they were too damn short, will have that right before i go and as i posted i will have a wheel chock at the fron hopefully by next weekend.
    again thanks for all the tips
  8. Lil bit of overkill. How fast you planning on driving?
    Watch out for abrasion, The straps will wear through paint and chrome in no time.
    I would run a strap off each bar at the upper triple and then one through and around the back wheel so it stays where it is. And I would use a sof cloth under where the straps wrap!
    And that hold the bike still with the least amount of damage, well unless you roll
  9. Soft cloth between the strap and anything you don't want damage, and don't pull down all the way on the forks. +1 on the wheel chock you're buying... So pretty much what everyone's probably said already... :bolt: