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Strap your gear down TIGHT!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smidge, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Stuck my backpack onto my ventura rack as i usuall do, looped the straps over the indicators, then used a stretchy velco 'andy strap' to secure it around the middle to the rack. Have ridden thousands of K's this way and every time i look in my mirrors to check its still there, it always is..

    until monday afternoon...

    went over 3 speed humps - three more streets away i check my mirrors when almost at my destination and my heart stops, my stuff is missing!

    gas it back to the street where i assume it must have come off to find only the strap sitting in the gutter, in that 2 or 3 minutes someone has picked up the bag off the road

    reported it to the police and its now wednesday and haven't heard anything back so i think whoever found it has kept my stuff...

    in the backpack was my laptop, all my keys, prescription glasses, sunnies and wet weather pants.. all gone!

    this all happened in stanmore just off parramatta road so needless to say, if you hear anything about please let me know
  2. :cry: geez mate thats pretty unlucky. Sorry to hear about your stuff, I would die if that happened to me...Ãs your work on the laptop backed up? I hope someone hands it in, I would definitely if I found something like that.

    Do you use the ventura bag or do you use a normal bag and strap it on with rok straps?
  3. was it northumberland avenue by any chance?
  4. i hope you find it but perhaps not in that area..

    i used to live in woollomoolloo and we would put stuff out on the footpath we didn't want anymore. 30 mins later it was gone.

    in this case, maybe they think someone has been extra generous.

    but seriously, that sucks
  5. around the corner of cardigan st and salisbury road, one street down from there... but who knows where the bag got dumped after it was picked up!