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Strap everything down when doing a loop

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by doonx, May 5, 2005.

  1. Loop de Loop

  2. bwahahah!
  3. ROFLMAO poor puppy
  4. I don't think the puppy was hurt or even distrssed at all. I reckon he got off saying "Man that was cooooool" in dog talk !!!
  5. Hahaha!
    That puppy looked pretty calm about it!
  6. That's just gorgeous, loved it
  7. that is bl**dy funny!
  8. Lovely stuff! :LOL:
  9. That's one light weight dog :) :)
  10. Is good......Nobby like it..
  11. Absolutely brilliant.
  12. Oh man i needed that laugh! ROFL
  13. hehehe. that is soo cool. and thanks for telling me what that video was about! i'd already seen it but i couldn't figure out why the dog was on the roof :oops: :)
  14. a crack up!

    Hate to be pedantic...but will be anyway!

    Its not a loop. The path of the plane is like the top of a sine wave. Like the plane is going over an invisible steep hill in the sky.

    As the plane goes over the crest, those inside not strapped down experience zero gravity.

    The dog loved it!