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Strangest motorcycle fatality I've heard of.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. Two friends born on the same day, then go on to die on the same day. By crashing into each other.....WTF?


    How in the hell did that happen?

    [yep i know it's a rider down thread, but I figure it's in a different country and nobody is likely to know the victims, and the family is unlikely to read this forum. And it's so peculiar I thought it might be of interest. But if it needs to go then feel free to ping it]
  2. Not an issue in this case regarding the rider down bit, very strange story.

    apparently they were killed before they were born:shock::shock:
    When the Indians talk about reincarnation they aint kidding

  3. Provenance of that story a bit dodgy IMO. Those are not very Indian names.
  4. Agree though its not on Snopes.
  5. Was anyone else on NR, born on the 29th May1957???

    My apologies, but you have to sell you bike immediately and I regret, that we can never be friends. Okey dokey!
    ( no offense intended )
  6. Sounds fake.
  7. don't worry. Most of us are not that old.

  8. well, MOST of us..... :LOL:
  9. I resemble that remark.
  10. did anyone else notice they died 2 months before they were born?
  11. Yes I said that in the secOnd post
  12. cool thread, but what's even cooler?? YOUR AVATAR! dude it rocks!!!! hahahaha love it :D just watched it for 5 minutes :p
  13. hahaha oops

    thanks! i found an awesome one when looking, but shtoopid size limits mean i can't have it :'(
  14. this one is so much more awesome, i'm sure :) i love it so much i want it hehehe
  15. I also resemble the remark regarding age. Some of us were in Baghdad when the majority were still in Dadsbag.

    Great photo - crash at 2:00 am and the wreckage still on the lane. mmmm!!