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Strangest "Gear"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cookeetree, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. Please Note - This thread is NOT about squidding, so please, don't go there!

    I've seen bikers wear some interesting "gear" before, but the guy I saw this morning takes the cake. He was on an old naked and had work boots and King Gee works pant on - nothing too unusual there. However, up top, he was wearing a Drizabone and was also sporting what looked to be leather truckie's gloves! His Drizabone was flailing in the wind and must've bee causing a HUGE amount of drag. Between that, the gloves and the bike, he looked like an extra from a Mad Max movie! :LOL:

    What's the strangest "gear" you've seen a biker wearing? I'm not talking about fancy dress costumes, just clothing that one would normally consider non-motorcycling gear.
  2. Early morning (6am) trip down to the GP at PI, several years ago...
    Now this was a coooold, frosty kinda morning. Like 1 degree C cold (musta been before climate change :LOL: ), I had full winter gear on and I was still hurtin'.
    This rider comes past at maybe 160, wearing helmet, light slacks, unbuttoned nylon shirt flapping all over the place.... and that's it. No shoes let alone boots. No gloves. No idea how he was even still alive. I would have frozen solid and fallen off long before I got that far.
    Hardest man I ever saw. Stoopidest, too.
    (Don't care about the squidding, just can't believe he could put up with the chill).
  3. Back in the late sixties there was a guy who got around Canberra in a pair of shorts, work boots and an Akubra with chin strap (pre compulsory helmets). He did this all year but in winter put on an old oilskin coat - on really cold days he buttoned it all the way up and wore welders gloves and long socks.
  4. A bloke in Bristol in the UK used to ride all year round on a newish Honda CG125 wearing bike boots, a tiny pair of black speedos and a full face lid. Oh yes, and the biggest beard/dreadlocks combo I've seen on anyone. He used to attend all the local MAG runs but I never saw him speak to anyone nor met anyone who knew him. He was a familiar sight to everyone though and was generally referred to as Tarzan. Wiry, fit looking little fella too.

    The other chap I remember was an old guy who rode everywhere (including to Belgium) in a tatty old pair of tartan slippers. Having suffered various horrific crashes and injuries in his youth, he figured the worst had already happened.
  5. Sounds like he'd just left someone at the altar! :wink:

    There's def some interesting characters out there! :LOL:
  6. Saw a bloke this morning on a TGB Munster?? Anyway, he I'm sure he was wearing bike shorts and a raincoat... though that was a little odd.

    Oh, he was also wearing an open face helmet with Blues brothers style old school ray ban sunnies.

    Considering it was pissing down with rain as well, it was all a little odd i must say. At first i didn't think he was wearing any pants at all, until took an exit ramp and he passed me, couldn't help my curiousity I had to know for sure.
  7. My brother used to wear a short length drizabone. They are fairly good for keeping out the rain and for moderate abrasion resistance. I also just the other day saw a guy in Cairns riding with yellow leather riggers gloves on so its probably not as uncommon as you think.
  8. The rigger gloves aren't that daft an idea. All the ones I've examined closely are made of better leather and have better quality stitching than some of the bike gloves I've seen. I'll admit that yellow gloves look a bit "different" though.

    The Driza Bone issue hinges on whether the coat is zipped or poppered. A zipped one would be at least as good as a Belstaff, which I and many other old farts have done many thousand's of kms in without problems (and I'd add that my 20 y.o. example of the breed is still far more waterproof than my less than year old Dri Rider) but I wouldn't want to rely on poppers to hold together in a slide :shock: .
  9. craaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzy!



    wonder if it'll catch on? :shock:
  10. its wasnt strange but interesting nonetheless...
    a chic in a singlet and a short skirt and a pink g-string on what must of been her partners Harley!
  11. Yeah Pic 2 all those hands?? I could think of other places they'd look good on her :LOL: :LOL:
  12. CookeeTree, were you near Springfield when you saw that one? I saw a guy on a CBR with a short Drizabone flapping in the wind from the waist down!

    Apparently Drizabones are fine unless you're on a Cruiser in the rain - the water pools in your lap! :LOL:
  13. I saw a guy on the Toy Run 02/12 who had 3 stuffed toys on himself. 1 on his helmet & 1 on each arm. he was riding a 95 Kawasaki ZZR 1100. He was wearing a Green / White Leather Jacket, Black Leather Pants & a Yellow Helmet.
  14. Actually, yeah, it was near Springfield. Looked to be an older naked, though, not a CBR. He'd come from Greenbank way, same as me, and got onto the parkway, headed towards Forest Lake.

    See, now that would classify as fancy dress, which is perfectly acceptable. :p
  15. At first it was strange ! :?
    Then boyish immature thoughts flooded my feelings, you know tan lines and FMBs !! :grin:
    Then I found out its a close riding "friend" of mine ! :eek: :eek: :eek:
    Feelings turned to shock . . . . kinda like the lyrics to that J Geils band song, you know . . . ."my blood runs cold, my memory has just been sold, my angel is a . . . . (blah, blah, blah)"


    Identity ???
    . . . . . . NOT SAYING ! :p

    She'll kill me !
    bah . . who cares !!
    310km ;) is a good buffer to block any kicks to the groin !!! hahahahahha !

  16. Ah she's a stylish lass isn't she! :rofl:
  17. oh micky there were two of them

    there was a whole procession, formals and suiting up FTW!!!

  18. who's that guy in the pink tie god he and his bike look hot


    had to say it before James did :p
  19. [​IMG]
    =P~ =P~
    i think i messed myself :shock:

    you look gorgeous :)