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Strange things found in your helmet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jimmyv, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. What sort of weird things have you guys found in your helmet. Kinda curious whether my incident was a bit freaky or of it happens to others occasionally.

    Yesterday riding back from Geelong after having a nice little blat along the great ocean road a twig or branch flew up under my chin into my helmet. Pretty small opening yeah? didnt have my visor open, before anyone asks.

    Really wasnt going to worry about stopping and taking it out because it just sat above my glasses and I could see ok. Then it started to move and I realised it wasnt a twig but the biggest Praying Mantis ever! Managed to keep my shit under control slowed down and got the helmet off like lightening fast.

    Usually Praying Mantis dont concern me but at the time I thought it was spider or wasp or something, so panic was defiantly in order. :shock:
  2. had spiders in the helmet a few times.
  3. Mrs 2wheelsagain had a very angry and wounded bee buzzing around inside her helmet once. ZZR brakes work well :)
  4. I had a wasp crawl into my ear. Hornet 900 brakes weren't bad either.
  5. A bloody bird crashed into my helmet once when i was going about 100km/h. Scared the hell out of me.

    When I got home I found blood inside the visor but none on the outside... no, it wasnt my blood.

    Whats up with that?
  6. I had a small grasshopper crawling around inside once. I didn't notice it untill I took my helmet off though, and then he jumped out. BE FREE!
  7. I've had a European wasp fly in and sting me twice - and a magpie bounce off the top of the helmet.
  8. Found my bike keyes in there once. Went looking everywhere for them and there they were the whole time. lol
  9. Wow such wild life collections. Never really crossed my mind that it would happen on a bike. I am to used the protection of a car and a windshield.

    Sounds like there are worse things than Praying Mantis to collect in the helmet. I am actually surprised I acted so calmly, being sometimes irrationally scared of spiders I am glad I just didnt jump off the bike. hehe. Would of been funny for passing cars watching a biker screaming to a halt jumping off the bike and flinging his helmet
  10. surprisingly, the two incidents where i have had spiders move around mid commute, i have taken the lid off and ushered them to the roadside. they didnt bite me, probably pleased to be off the bike.
  11. Half a dozen mightily pissed off bull ants after I rested the helmet on the ground in the country one day -- I've never done that again.

    And regurgitated spag bolognese and beer, when I couldn't get the full face chinstrap undone quickly enough ... :oops:
  12. Ride through Natio, stopped at Gerrie beach with a friend, took off helmets then we took off again and a bee of some sort was buzzing behind my hear, stinging me and i couldnt stop for about 5 mins till as it was bit dangerous to stop.

    I was hitting my helmet and moving it around, fu*kin pissing me off, took off helmet and could find the son-of-a-bit#h.
  13. Thats a good tip!! I'll stop putting my helmet on the ground
  14. I had a european wasp walking up the inside of my visor after he had bounced off my jacket and up and under into my helmet just inches from my face.
    He was looking pretty pissed off and agitated right in front of my nose so I just flipped the visor up quick time.
    Job done. Phew!
  15. I have two incidents, One was during summer a fly flew in, hit my chin and came into my helmet. When I was slowing down I could see the fly flying around in my helmet. The second one was when the weather warmed up. A fly of some sort laid eggs in my helmet and when I went out on a ride in the warm weather there was these small flies every where in my helmet.
  16. only ever had a fly the bastard was just happy walking all over my visor didnt matter what i did he was there for the whole ride

    Im allergic to bee's so i hope that never happens to me
  17. i remember reading a story in the paper a few years back about a female rider who went to a doctor complaining about an extremely uncomfortable sensation in one of her ears.apparently a spider had nested in her ear canal and had dumped a web full of eggs in there.she strongly suspected the spider was originally in her helmet.
    made my spine tingle just reading it. :shock:
  18. Now thats NASTY!!

    Ok Ok here's mine.

    Up the Old road NSW, lovely day. Went for a blat on the GSXR750 before having to go back to The city to start my shift in the avo.

    Got a bee in helmet, got stung.
    So called in sick and kept riding the rest of that glorious day.
    Good sickie excuse. (good thing I am not allergic)

  19. Grey hairs.
  20. jeez, u guys are scaring me now... i think i'll have to make my helmet completely airtight!!!