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Strange Stalling out issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Paulie, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys

    Well, I got the ZXR750 Blue Slipped and regoed on Saturday-the blue slip and rego was the easy bit. I broke down 3 times on the way there/back!


    So I jump on the M7 and start on my merry way to bossley park to get a blue slip, get to the horsely road off ramp the she spluttered and died. Pulled over on the shoulder (about 300 metres from the 'Jokers' biker gang clubhouse)..I thought they were gonna kill me thr way they were looking at me...

    Anyways, I get my brother to come and jump start me and she fires up fine, get to the rta and its all good, THEN riding home the same thing happened again.. cruising at about 100kph and she splutters and dies out, a jump start and shes ok.

    Anyone had a similar issue? I think its a simple kink in the fuel tap line, which I have replace but am still a little dubious to take it out without a pit crew in case it dies out again...

    Any thoughts???
  2. tank vent
  3. Tank vent.... thats the little dangly thing at the back of the tank near where your nuts sit yeah?
  4. some bikes are different. look up around the petrol cap.

    If it's clear make sure your vacuum and petrol lines are all well connected without splits, kinks, etc
  5. without sounding too much like a dumb @ss... what does it actually look like? :(
  6. On most bikes it's some sort of hole incorporated into the fuel cap arrangement. given your's is a mid-90s sports bike it may be even an external pipe out of the top of the tank.. Which would make life easy.
  7. Thanks Iblast.. will investigate when I get home. I note that one of the hoses that feeds from the tank to the fuel switch was pretty kinked and hope that this is the issue but just dont wanna get stuck again :)
  8. As others have pointed out, it could well be a fuel starvation issue caused by a blocked vent or fuel hose. If it happens when cruising at 100 but not at low speed, that is a good indication as it is getting just enough fuel at low speed. What intrigues me is that it needed a jump start. Did you flatten the battery trying to start it after it stopped, or is the battery on its last legs? If the motor dies from fuel starvation, don't try and start it staight away. Wait to give the fuel time to trickle past the restriction (2+mins) then try and start it. If it dies, try opening the fuel cap, if the vent is clogged you will probably hear the whistle of air going into the tank.
  9. Sorry to butt in but if its a tank vacuum issue why is Paulie needing a jump start to get going each time?
  10. I think i am draining the battery tryin to start the girl once she stops
  11. That and time for petrol to trickle down to the bowls
  12. Opening the cap will prove if this is a venting issue or not. as the mole said you will hear the air rushing in when you open the tank.
  13. This sux.
  14. ? still doing it?