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Strange sound coming from the engine

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by itsmav, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    Just joined Netrider. Already have my questions coming in.
    I have 2003 Yamaha R1 Special edition. Its done close to 60k on the road. Bought it a couple of months back.
    I seem to hear a strange noise whenever its idolling. May be its in my head but i think it comes from the piston rings. Is a rattling kinda sound and makes the bike sound a bit less grunty.
    Any advices on what it could be? It might be nothing but am a bit paranoid. Its got the Yoshi knobs which make it sound a bit ratling too.
    Should the bike be ideally rebuilt after 50ks??

    Also, have had a chance to get the bike serviced. The seller had mentioned that the he had services around 2 months back and got the chain and the sprocket changed. The oil levels are all fine but in light of this noise i am thinking of getting the same serviced. The bike has been a regular at Sydney City Motorcycle. But before i decide to spend $450, just need to be sure that its worth spending that amount.
    Any recommendations on a good mechanic who is reasonable and would give the right advise?

  2. Hi mate, If your not very familiar with a bike, normal noises can sound weird, but it could also be a sign of trouble. General description sounds like it could be cam chain noise, but I am not familiar with this bike at all.

    Your best bet is to take it too a mechanic who is familiar with the model, just get them to have a quick listen. Someone on here will be able to recommend a good one in your area.
  3. yeah could be cam chain.. ive never heard of rattling rings before but will add it to the list
  4. Thnx guys,
    Will check on the cam chain
    Any suggestions on a good mechanic in Sydney, who would not mind me in the workshop looking at what he does????

  5. all you can do is ask but most mechanics dont let people in the workshop for insurance and so on. they are also people who dont tend to associate well with others and you may be confusing...
    go on all you mechanics on here have a go. mind you my father was a mechanic and i almost was.
  6. is it ticking sound?Yamaha's had a habbit of burning the insulation from around the coils,causing the spark to jump onto the cylinder head causing a misfire in that cylinder and a ticking sound that you may be hearing
  7. Bike engines are generally pretty rattly things, so it may be normal. The cam chain tensioner is a common place to look because it goes wrong on so many different bikes.

    Cam chain noise tends to go away when you rev the engine, so that is a good test.

    Rings don't rattle.

    An R1 engine could be cactus after 50Mm, because they are a likely candidate to be a flogged bike. That doesn't mean yours is, or that they are a bad engine, just that it could well be the case.

    The R1s tended to do gearboxes and clutches, rather than engines, however.