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Strange sight

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shabby, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. Comeing home today after a great weekend in a health spa, there i was cruising down the road. Visibility great to 400m at least, clear road and no rain.
    Ahead i spot a 4WD about to turn onto my road, fair enough 300m away i prepare for it to come out, hmmmm 100m he still hasn't moved obviously he was waiting for me to go past.....i thought nice 4WD

    Anyway now at 50m, my speed 90kph, headlight on, bright brand new headlight, good visibility and did i mention bright headlight? anyway at around 40m the &%@^# 4WD comes out onto the road taking up both lanes, now i'm thinking bugga bugga sh*% F&$&.

    Anyway i slow down enough to avoid rear ending the Landcruiser and yeap i'm now at one with the fury of a volcano, ready to inflict savage pain onto said vehicle and with that i look up and notice a sticker on the rear window.

    The sticker in large bright letters stated the following "Motorcycle Aware Driver" what happens next is "R" rated so can't be put down on a public forum :)

    My simple question i did ask the young chap was what does Motorcycle Aware Driver exactly mean? i think he's gonna think about that for a little while yet.
  2. Hahahhaahaha now thats funny :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: coz of the driver and no one was hurt.

    Sticker should have read "Rider be aware" :shock:

    Cheers 8)
  3. I imagine he now has a pretty good idea! :LOL:
  4. Beware of what stickers you put on your car, you have to live up to the expectations they raise!
    He obviously doesn't.
  5. It's a 4x4 , say no more . We have a baby on board sticker on our car to hopefully stop tail gaters and we dont have kids \:D/
  6. And, of course, it may not have been his car.........
  7. LOL, can't say you weren't half expecting him to pull out infront of you! :D
  8. Now that would be a sight a baby capsule on the back of a Blackbird :?
  9. Yeah it was his precous car.

    Yeah Koma i was prepared for him to pull out just not so close.
  10. Perhaps he knew exactly who you were?
  11. i only know of one person with that sticker on there vechicle and its a Van
  12. so you spoke to him? what did he say about pulling out when you were only 40m away?
  13. I'm sure you don't fit this profile, being a responsible (really?!) person, but every car I see with one of those 'baby on board' things contains the worst driver on the road. To me 'baby on board' = 'I don't give a flying truck about anyone else on the road'.
  14. My cage has the "Motorcycle aware driver" stickers on the back.

    On occasion the car has been borrowed.
  15. Bwaahaa ...Dave thats cos Mrs Midnight knows how you drive........ :LOL:
  16. Mine says "I sleep with my teddy bear..... Cause I know where he's been!"