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Strange Road Behaviour..?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Hondagirl, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. I can comprehend car drivers feeling the competitive urge rising when a bike lane splits and pulls up next to/in front of them. Fair enough, especially the P platers, who are just hanging around for a bit of a race, but what really baffles me is this ; what is the point of revving the hell out of a car, to just cut in front of the bike, even if all the other lanes are free and cruise at less than the speed limit? Is this their way of slowing down the bikes? Showing us that they won the traffic light takeoff race..? Pure irritation value..? If you want to race fine, but this is just silly.
    Anyone else know what i'm on about?
    :?: :driver:

  2. It's just jealousy, they see you having fun, aren't having fun themselves, can't bear it, so they try to stop you having fun. All the while we're laughing cos we don't care...
  3. I can't really say that has ever happened to me before, I guess cars are just scared of my bike. :) Oh well i will keep you posted if it every happens to me.
  4. It's just their way of saying "Please kick my tail light." :wink: Why they don't just pull over and ask verbally, I'll never understand. :? :LOL:
  5. Let me guess, you've got l-plates on the back right? Cars used to do this to me all the time when I had my Ls and would also try to prevent me from passing them (in some cases swerving over the centreline to block my path). Never had a problem with it since getting rid of the Ls though - they don't even try and race me anymore :(
  6. Hey JD
    No L's, no P's!!! That's why its so frustrating!
  7. I've thought a lot about this and I'm convinced it's jealousy, nothing more. We can do things a car cannot, and some drivers would LIKE to be riders, but can't and they resent the freedom we have...

    {except when it's bucketing down rain :LOL:}
  8. Why are you letting them beat you?
    Time to upgrade to somthing quicker for the traffic light GP.
  9. Like down that wide back street in St Kilda, eh mate???

    {Those rice girls didn't know what they were messin' with :LOL:}
  10. yes mate we showed them, will be lunching down there a little later, another ripper Melb day today.
  11. I had it a couple of times when on my Ls, which was also on my Across. Now that I have the CBR, they can't seem to beat me :) Although I did have a 4WD almost match me the other day, then speed the rest of the way past me.
    "Yeah yeah, too late... I won!"
  12. Hmm, then I'd guess you're probably right - they're only doing it to slow you down and deliberately annoy you. Most people seem to have a very selfish attitude when it comes to driving.
  13. Totally, just hit em where it hurts... the ego. And they'll go home sulking. :)
  14. really you shouldn't have any trouble even on the zzr winning the gp lights races.....but yeah the big bikes, just make for a clear winner... ;)
  15. The one that gets me is when your tail end charlie in a line of traffic on the freeway and a car passes and cuts in and settles. Why do they always feel they need to go in front of the bike. I'm not usually tail end because of lower speed it is usually when i am catching up with the next block of traffic.
  16. Why?? It's the hero factor. Plus there's prolly some pontificus righteous thinking going on to get their own back on a wanker rider who did something to irk them in the past.

    Don't let yourself be caught in that situation. A ZZR should well and truly beat most cars off the line. Don't be scared to rev it into the screaming zone... they're designed to handle it.

    Good luck with it Blue. :)

  17. Yeah bluebaby, ever opportunity you get just show those sort of cagers who's boss and what they are missing out on, even when it comes to a 250.
  18. Give it some zing ;)
  19. Paint some eyes on the back of your helmet - that way you can eyeball them into submission before they think to get around you!
  20. just wait till u get a big bike, theres nufn quite like just cruisin next 2 a yob in his fully sick v8 givin it full stick just 2 stay up wiv u then twistin ur grip and incineratin him. sooo satisfying