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Strange oil leak

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Seany, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. What is this plug and why is it leaking oil? :? Any advice would be welcome. I've posed it on the Ninja650 forum but it's an American site so they'll all be going to bed. :)



  2. awww man. i thoght it was a oil leak that resembles the face of jesus or something.
  3. I've actually had an oil leak today on my 750 ninja. I have no idea where the fcuk mine came from. I'll let u know when the shop lets me know
  4. Looks like a sump plug, or a plug with a magnet behind it to pick up what gets past the oil filter.
  5. That almost looks like your engine sump drain plug. If u want to fix it just pull it out clean the threads and put some Loctite 567 Thread Sealant on it should fix it no worrys.
  6. The Ninja650 guys have provided answers so I figure I'd pass them on so you guys can have closure too. :)

    Turns out the plug can be removed to put in a mechanical oil pressure gauge. I've tightened it up with an allan key as advised and now have to wait and see if it seeps again. If it does then it'll be a waranty job anyway and if it's only minor can be done at next service. :grin:
  7. Glad it was a simple one
  8. The trick is not to use strange oil.