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Strange Noise?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by live4themoment, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. I was out for a ride a couple of weeks ago when on the way back i started hearing this strange noise almost like i tinning noise coming from around the front. There has been no change in performance or any sign of anything wrong with the bike. I have done a futher 200kms on it and it only seems to be making the noise on deceleration and as soon as i pull up it goes away. It almost sounds like a small pebble bouncing against the sides of something but someone told me if it were that it would make the noise when i rev the engine etc which it doesn't Has anyone else had a noise like this?

  2. What bike? I had the same sort of noise on my older bike, turned out to be the rubber mount on the horn had gone, so it made odd noises under braking >_>

    Does it do it at very low speed? or only highish? Mine only happened ~6k.
  3. Found the noise

    I got one of my mates to give it a test ride without a helmut just up the street and back and he said it was the chain hitting the gaurd and frame etc. Which sort of annoyed me as i only had it serviced 500kms ago for the 11000km service. And yet some how the chain was already in his words Shockingly Loose. I felt bit stupid as i thought noise was coming up through the engine LOL.
  4. If it is the chain you need to lube it between services... and if you haven't been then 11000 is about where it will be really getting old. Sounded a bit more like cam chain, but if you only get the noise when moving then it is much more likely drive train, as your friend said.