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Strange Noise

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by live4themoment, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. I have just recently brought a hyosung 250 and have only done 850km's. Around the 500k mark i started to hear this strange noise sounding like metal rubbing. I thought it may be the front brakes just rubbing a little but after i had a listen for the sound it seems to be coming from near the front of the engine. While the bike is in idle there is no noise but when i start to accelarate, stay at speed or do anything with the throttle the noise is always there. I think it may be coming from around the radiator or some where close as that is where the sound seems to originate. Has anyone else has similiar problem or know what the cause may be?

  2. If you can find a deserted car park or the like, ride the bike at walking pace without your helmet, or with a friend running alongside, to see if you can isolate the noise better. It may be something as simple as a piece of stick stuck under the mudguard.....
  3. Closer inspection

    I had a closer inspection as you can hear the sound while the bike is still and reving it seems to be coming from the back of the engine and it is more of a hissing sort of a sound when you get closer to it. Cant really hear it while the engine is just idling but when revving and then letting go the hiss gets a bit louder and then goes back to a small hissing sound. I know my bike mechanic skills arnt that technical only been riding for a month but thats best i can do to describe it lol
  4. would it be something to do with the airbox? ie cold air intake. there might be a leak somewhere.. but its a brandnew bike, so maybe get it checked under warranty
  5. is this not under warranty get it checked out
  6. I checked

    My friend who did the test with me and got the same bike aswell let me ride his and even though to me the noise is strange his bike does it as well and he brought his from a totally different supplier then myself. I also had it in for the 1000km service this morning and the guy didn't say anything after he took it out for a test ride. So it must just be something the hyosungs do.
  7. Get a 1m long piece of flexible hose, put one end to your ear, seal it tightly with your hand to the ear. Now move the other end of the hose around the engine. Always have the hose close to, and at 90 degrees to the engine, to eliminate noises from other areas.
    You'll narrow down the area of the noise quite a bit, and probably hear lots of other noises!

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. could be the same thing as the viragos. i thought mine had metal flying round in the cylinders cause thats what it sounds like. turn out it's the automatic cam chain tightener rubbing as it adjusts. perfectly norm aparently just gets annoying when you dont know what it is. had the dealer mechanic service her and went over it with a fine tooth comb. couldnt find anything else. it a ratchet type setup and as it starts to click over to the next tooth it will rub.
    get it sussed out at the dealer but I reckon thats what it will be judging by your description of the noise. both my bike and yours are v-twins so are probably similar in build. good luck, if thats what it is theres nothing you can do but put up with it but at least you'll know its the norm and harmless.
  9. Sounds like a noise I've just started to get, how many k's did it last for before it clicked over ?
  10. Hard to say piper never took much notice after I knew what it was. Have pretty much learnt to ingnore it. not long from memory. I do 70km a day 5 days a week on the thing so never really get to notice.
    I changed the oil in her yesty and although it was dirty it was clear of any metal etc, which according to the mechanic all you need worry about.
  11. Check the tank mountings.

    Quite a number of japanese bikes get a squeak from this area, and I cant see a reason why a Hyuosung would be differnt. Put some brake grease on the rubbers, and it usually goes away.

    Or it may not be that!