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Strange noise

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kiko, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Hi folks, I guess ill get right into it. When im not holding in the clutch (basicly all the time) i get a strange noise coming from the bike, its hard to describe, its almost a grinding noise but its doesnt sound high pitched enough to call it a grind. sort of like a low rumble. It doesnt sound right but then again it doesnt sound like the bike is obvisly in pain. The reason i mention it is that the noise is totaly gone when i pull back on the clutch. It a pretty quite noise and you cant hear it when the bike is above 2000 rpm (its still there just not loud enuf to hear over the engine).
    Bike is a Honda CBR 600 1998 model. I recently changed the clutch cable in it myself and i cant remember if the noise was there before doing it or not. I didnt have the bike long before needing to replace the cable. Any thoughts on what it might be? I'm really wishing somone will tell me all CBRs make that noise its a sign of how awsome they are but im not holding my breath.

    Thanks in advance :)

    Edit, the noise still seems to be there when its in gear

  2. This is an easy one I think. When you pull the clutch lever in when in neutral, the geartrain stops spinning, when you let the clutch out, the geartrain starts spinning. Try this: listen for the noise, pull clutch in and drop it into first and leave clutch in, if noise goes, it's just the gearsets spinning. When there is no load on pretty much any gearbox, they tend to rattle a bit, as there is no load on the gears, so the backlash between the teeth causes a bit of noise.
    Also, if your bike drives the gearbox by a chain off the crank instead of gears, thts will cause noise too when in neutral. Older bikes with chain driven gearboxes sound like they are dying when cold because of this.
    The problem with bikes is there's no sheetmetal or soundproofing to absorb noise like we are used to in cars.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Ah i forgot to mention, the noise is still there when the bike is in gear, just harder to hear.
  4. Every honda I've owned has done this, I wouldn't worry too much.

    If you still have any doubt get it checked out.
  5. Many vehicles sound different with the clutch engaged and disengaged. It's got to do with the thrust bearing which presses against the clutch bucket and causes the plates to separate and thus disengage the gear..
    I don't know if all CBRs make this noise, but my Hornet (distant parentage) makes a different noise with the clutch disengaged than it does with it engaged....
  6. Well fair enough. Thanks for all the info folks its been a big help, ill keep my eye on it and see if it gets any worse. But in the meantime im much more at ease. Thanks again for the help :D
  7. +1 for every honda doing it. I've got a firestorm that makes the same low pitch grind in neutral or not, when the clutch is pulled in, no noise, when you let it out, you get the noise. Have also been told its inherent and harmless...