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Strange noise at constant revs.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Sitting Bull, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. I test drove my first Harley today, a 2013 XL1200C fitted with SE heavy breather kit, fuel management module and a set of V&H Big Radius 2 into 2. I was shown a print out of a recent dyno-tune that had been performed on the bike. It appeared to run well but made a strange noise while holding constant revs at 60kph and in 3rd gear. It's a very hard noise to describe, sort of an intermittent blub, blub like a bubble. The bike didn't have any decel popping or backfiring and I couldn't hear the noise at any other speed or revving the bike while in neutral. Would someone be able to shed some light on what might be happening, is this normal or is there an issue somewhere?

  2. I know what the problem is ... It's a Harley there better at the bottom of the ocean ;)
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  3. I loved it mate, very comfortable and a thrill to ride, looks great too.
  4. I had a se heavy breather on my 103 similar sound certain road speed certain revs turns out it was just the harmonics of the engine thst you are hearing.
  5. Why are you holding a constant 60 in 3rd? I'd have thought 4th would be more appropriate for a chugalugging V-twin unless your accelerating fairly briskly or just about to.
  6. It is a 5 speed chugalugging twin. The bloke that was selling it told me I should of been in 2nd, being dyno-tuned and with the heavy breather the bike didn't like being held at that revs.
  7. Ok, so I just rang the mechanic that dyno'd the bike. He reckons it's probably the stage 3 cams producing the effect that I can hear. He also said his tune-ups are 100% guaranteed and if I buy the bike and have any issues with it to bring it up for him to look at. Sounds good to me.
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