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strange feelings... i'm considering giving up

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by brook, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. hello all..
    im considering giving up riding...
    the reasons are a bit embarrassing.
    umm you see sometimes (and i feel stupid saying this).. sometimes i feel a little strange in odd places when i ride.

    i don't feel right or clean. im a person with good values and sometimes my bike leaves me thinking of bad things. dirty things i guess.

    i haven't ridden it in a few weeks and not sure if i will again.

    has anyone else had this problem?

    if anyone wants a 2006 vtr250... in a nice matte black.. it may be for sale soon.

  2. bikes make you feel dirty?
    just, errr, how are you "riding" it, exactly?
  3. Enjoying yourself when there's no harm to others is not a sin.
  4. Can I suggest that while the bike seems to be the source of your problem, HERE is not the place to be discussing the problem.......
  5. have i posted in the wrong place.... should i keep riding..
  6. WTF????

    this takes the cake for weirdest post ever
  7. No, that's not what I was saying at all. I was suggesting that perhaps you have some deeper problem that riding brings out, and maybe you need some professional counselling (which you certainly won't get here :LOL: :LOL:)
  8. ..is this a joke? If so, I must've missed it.
  9. Ahhhh, school holidays start again.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Oh come on, the engine's not THAT vibey ... :shock:
  11. Just because something doesn't harm others doesn't mean that it doesn't harm you. The key is rational self-interest.
  12. I think you and I are thinking down the same line? Unless Brook was a guy wtf?
  13. Strangest thread ever.
  14. Yes.. ..
    Preferably with half a dozen schooners up the tummy with no helmet on.
    Whilst speeding.
    At night.
    In the rain.
    Let me know how you go...
  15. I lol'd

    On topic, do you mean physically funny or mentally funny?

    Either way, quite amusing way to put it.
  16. GOLD :LOL:

    I have 'dirty' thoughts too when i ride my bike, i just never thought to post them here.
  17. I had some really dirty thoughts last Saturday when I test rode a new Tuono.

    Given that I'm currently on a vtr250, the Tuono is sex on wheels.
  18. feeling a bit silly about saying anything now... obviously what im feeling isn't normal. i do like it though. sometimes i wonder what i'd be like with a bigger bike between my legs... something meatier.
    im happy to have this site... i can speak my mind without being too embarrassed. and just maybe i'll find someone who feels the same.

    if your too embarrassed to admit it... please PM me. thanks
  19. Brooke

    Seriously, whats with this post,

    Have you been sexually abused as a child? Or are you just so religous that any thing that has conotations of sex in it turns you off?

    Give me a serious reason, because this post doesn't make sense.
  20. what bike do you have? I think I need to get one.
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Not open for further replies.