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Strange day (kinda long) - fires/sliding/old people/etc

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wedge, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. What a day its been talk about everything happening in one day, i could die a happy man now that i've seen everything :wink:
    Decided this morning that i'd head out for a ride to the Old Pac, the weather looked like it was clearing and the roads were drying up, i geared up and set off.
    Was 5mins from home and pulled up to red light with a very nice CBR1000rr beside me, gave him the nod and the thumbs up for the bike. Got a thumbs up back and lights go green, thinking i was going to be smoked by this litre machine, i strolled off the line to my amazement in front :eek: Looked back to see the bloke had stalled it on the line :LOL: My thumbs up must have meant that much to him he couldn't think of anything else :LOL:
    Away from there another 15mins down the road, and we were pulled up for a car accident that had just happened, (i was 4 cars from the front) a commodore had just been t-boned in the bonnet. Within 2mins of waiting, the car just caught on fire in the engine bay, well did the police pack darkies, one was on the radio and the other was off to his car for the fire estinguisher (spelling?), which he quickly emptied that onto the cars bonnet :shock: and was utterly suprised and a little confused as to why the fire wasn't going out. I was in stiches by this time and i could hear the firies coming so i enjoyed my front row seat :rofl:
    The firies had in undercontrol and closed the road, so i headed around the accident another way.
    Finally reached the Old Pac and headed out on my way, the first 5km was great dry roads....until it started spitting not too bad, slowed the pace and worked on my entry and exit points. All was going well untill i came around to the concrete section before road warriors heading south. Going about 65km the back wheel starts sliding, oh sh%t i think, remember no back brake and stand the bike, up all good. But the heart beat had jumped to about 180 and a rest at warriors was needed, assesed my own reaction and thought i'd done quite well.
    Headed back home towards Gosford, with some guy following me and coming up beside me then dropping off again. Decided he was a crazy man :mad: and blasted it outa there. Pulled up at the next lights and hear a beep beside me, same guy, says to me 'is that gsx', na mate i replied just its little brother a GS, its missing the x factor. Apparently he just wanted to see what bike i was on and complement me :eek: , all good and on my way home.
    Thought i'd grab some fuel with the ultra cheap prices that will no doubt shoot through the roof tommorow. As i was paying at the counter (helmet on) the nicest old coule came in and asked for directions to the freeway (F3), the dickhead fuel attendant gave them the hardest possible route to get there...idiot.
    As i walked out of the station i went over to thier car and gave them a tap on the window, i think the old lady nearly jumped through the roof. At first they didnt open the door and it looked as though she was going for the mace, but i removed my helmet and explained that i'd show them the way. Smiles all round :grin: I reckon she'll be talking about that for years to come at the bowling club :LOL:

    And that was all in the space of 3hrs, action packed with events offering;
    Embaresment & a sense of achievment
    Quality entertainment
    Sheer fear and learning
    Anger and shock
    Good karma and a new outlook to bikers from the senior community
  2. now that's a big day!! And i thought sitting at home riding my desk was fun :shock:
  3. i really think it is time for you to kick back and grab a beer. :beer:
  4. I'm on my way :grin:
  5. *8 beers :grin:
  6. Great story :grin:

    I always find that one of the most important contributors to a great adventure is interacting with people while having the right attitude. Always makes my day and sometimes I hope I make other people's day as well :LOL:
  7. Great Day, Great Story. Your summation said it all. thanks for sharing wedge :beer: Have one on me.