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Strange cop and a parking question [VIC]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by awseome, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    saw a very strange thing on the eastern today, motorbike cop overtook me at a zillion k's then proceeded to ride in the emergency lane, and instead of pulling up drivers driving in the Transit lanes, he shook his finger at them and forced them to change lanes... no fines!!! he did this all the way in to the city. guess he couldnt be bothered. but it did clear up the lane pretty quick. also when igot to work i was pulled up by a guy for parking in front of their window on the footpath.. he reckons that where i park is their property as their swimming pool hangs over the footpath which is on the 8th floor or something. so technically its their property!!! how the F&^% that makes sense anyways he is threatning to call the council and book me. is that possible?

    cheers for your thghts
  2. Re: Strange cop and a parking question

    Dont think you can get booked but is it worth it??? You might end up going to your bike with it scratched/pushed over or sh*t thrown at it from his pool.

    I would just move it because this guy sounds like a real tool.

  3. Re: Strange cop and a parking question

    isn't there a distance you have to park from the buildings? its like a metre or so i though?

    but yeah, if his pool overhangs, then chances are the owener does own that bit of land below it, as i highly doubt he got permission to build over his boundaries.
  4. Re: Strange cop and a parking question

    i guess i am at fault when it comes to building line. its a meter away. thanks for reminding me will go and move it now
  5. Re: Strange cop and a parking question

    I would have to see the situation, but he doesn't own the footpath. The Crown Casino is the only business I know of in Melbourne that actually owns the land to the gutter, and can therefore prevent us parking on the "footpath". They only have that because the council caved in and agreed to it, rather than lose the Casino development and/or their good will. Some two bit business, even a large hotel, won't have had that power.

    But, there would be a question about where the footpath begins and ends, since it is common for buildings to be set back and have their own forecourt or paved area that is in fact private property.

    The metre or so you park from the building line is a guideline, not a law. You can't be charged for parking against the wall. Still, it is a good idea to follow the guidelines. You also need to make sure that you are not obstructing the footpath, or preventing car doors from being opened when parked adjacent the footpath.

    I would say that the guy was just trying it on. But, as others have said, he may damage, move or remove your bike if you leave it there. I would have taken a picture of him on my phone, and informed him that if any damage occurred to my bike while I was away he would be the first person the Police sought out.
  6. Re: Strange cop and a parking question

    It's becoming more common nowadays for builders and architects to apply for dispensation to allow buildings to overhang public land, so it's possible he's bullshitting you. But it's hardly worth the hassle, especially if he really is right.

    BTW, great bit of policing there!
  7. Re: Strange cop and a parking question

    thanks for the replies guys, the footpath is wide enough to drive a small car. i park near the wall as there is loading zone near the curb, very possible to have the bike hit by a van or a truck. i chose that location as it is pretty much flush agains the wall and does not hinder any pedestrians. unfortunately its right on the window of adelphi's award winning restaurant ezard.
  8. I have moved this to the correct forum.
    please think before you post to the forums it doesn't take much time to decide where to post a topic.
  9. Re: Strange cop and a parking question

    Aha. I thought it must have been that place (used to look at that pool out of my office window). He's almost certainly bullshitting you IMHO, but I can see why they don't like your bike blocking the view of their customers.
    I used to park on the footpath, corner of Russell and Flinders Lane (worked in that building), in front of a wedding dress shop. The building manger eventually invited me to park in the underground carpark for free, because the shop owner didn't like my bike there. Good result, (especially the day thieves used a 5 tonne truck to collect every parked bike in the street!).
    You could try calling some building managers and see if they'll do you a favour?
  10. Flinders Lane is pretty narrow there I believe, so that's one reason for not parking at that spot. And no - they don't "own" the footpath at that point. Parking against windows is discouraged generally. Shopkeepers like people to be able to see inside and normally anyone with a white cane sticks close to the window side of the footpath and parking there may be an issue.

    However, all that aside, unless you are actually obstructing pedestrians, you are not parking illegally.
  11. oops sorry smee will be carefull in the future.

    titus do you still work there? i think i know the building you are talking about. i am in 189 flinders. i just spoke to their manager, pretty much said that if they had approached me in a better way i would have no heistation parking somwhere else. but as its causing them inconvineince i will look in to finding another spot, so its all worked out and i guess its better this way, there are heaps of places.
  12. Fill a balloon with alot of dye and bubble bath and..
  13. Nah, that was years ago. The big old T&G building (now KPMG). As you say, heaps of places.
  14. The other thing to watch for is that the building may have been build back from the actual front of the title boundary so they may well "own" that section of footpath. The building I'm in has had a problem in the past and put don't park bikes here signs to solve it.

    As TonyE said you need to park on the kerb side of the footpath to comply with the guidelines.
  15. Obviously parking under the Adelphi I take???

    This is true... they don't own the land in any way whatsoever though, they are given permission by council to build over it to a certain degree, and only over certain heights. You have nothing to fear monetarily but rather vandalarily (haha). Should be heaps more parking down near Swanston St on Flinders lane?
  16. i know, i used to park on swanston. a couple of incidents made me rethink. so started parking near where i work.
  17. You could pay $2 (iirc) and park in the car park next to the Westin... again last driveway on the right towards Swanston. Always a few bikes in there.
  18. Re: Strange cop and a parking question

    Depends what boundary -- are we talking building line boundary or property boundary ?

    My house has a cantilevered balcony hanging 2 meters past the building line( furthest point your building footprint is allowed to be built to --- because its cantilevered and not supported from underneath it is allowed [NSW]
  19. which lane?. bikes are banned from some of the 'little' streets in melbourne cbd .
    Make sure you're in the right before telling him to get f____d! :)
  20. Can't park a bike in front of 101 Collins - there are actually 'no motorbike parking' signs up.