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Strange contact when trying to sell a bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bakz, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to get another opinion on this, I'm in the process of selling my wifes CB250 (it's advertised on here as well as bikesales and places like that).

    Now this morning I received this bizaar contact from the add I put in bikepoint, copy follows:

    Used Bike enquiry from BikePoint Australia at 14-Jan-2006 04:14:58

    This BikePoint Australia user has an enquiry:

    Year/Make/Model: 1997 / HONDA / CB250
    Rego: CJ380
    Price: AUD 3900.00

    Name: lanre thomas
    State: Overseas
    Email: xxxxxxxx (I blanked it out)@sailormoon.com
    Home phone: +4470318xxxxx (I blanked it out)

    i am interested in buying your1997 HONDA CB250 for $3,900AUD.Your bike is the perfect and Spectacular one for my clients gave me.Would you accept a check for payment.IF yes send your contact postal address and telephone Number.

    Now to me this is a bit weird, this guy is obviously not in Australia, his location is overseas and same with the phone number. Has anyone else had something similar to this when you've advertised your bike? I'm worried its a scam and if I reply with my address/phone number, I'll either be spammed to death or in short order find the bike pinched.

    I replied and said if it's for someone local, email me their contact numbers and I'll call them and set up an inspection of the bike. This is the first time I've sold a bike (or any vehicle for that matter) and I'm not sure if it's par for the course, or could be a serious buyer who wants to get it for a relative who lives locally.

    Any opinions/advice/similar experiences appreciated.


    P.S. Wasn't sure where the best spot for this thread was, so stuck it in general :)

  2. Just keep in mind, there ARE scammers out there ;)
  3. ive had similuar responces to adds placed on ebay .... their scams of some sort .. so ebay says ... dont know about that on bike point though

    i would apply the too good to be true rule to yours though
  4. Ignore it...
  5. My job is protecting our company virus, spam and fraud attacks.

    IMO that is a scam, do not respond. Report them to bikesales as something you think is dodgy and l;et them repsond, or ignore.
  6. It sounds a bit dodgy... but haven't heard of people being desperate enough to get your email address from a sales site by asking you a question first, if you have a hotmail account use it, or create one...

    AS far as accepting the check, I'd ask how he wants the bike delivered or is he going to pick it up, then make it very clear that you'll meet at your work of something other than your home, and tell him to bring cash (or get him to send you a cheque to your work, but just the same, make sure you specify its your work).
  7. The phone no given is 001144 ( the international dialling code for the UK) and the next bit 07031 is a prefix for a UK mobile number. So this guy either fancies a long ride home or its a scam. I know what I think
  8. It is a scam. This is how it works (I've had it attempted on me as well)

    The Buyer is acting as a Broker for their client.
    They tell you that the client has just gone overseas and has written out a cheque for a higher amount.

    They then ask for you to bank that cheque and then deliver the vehicle to location X. They then say, once the cheque clears, just send the broker the difference between the cheque amount and the cost of the vehicle.

    The cheque is fraudulent and often a stolen one.

    You are then told that the cheque is a dud.

    You are then short 1 vehicle and a bucket load of cash. (the refund amount)

    When I got the emails about the MX5 I went along with it for a few weeks to see where it would lead. I guess I asked too many questions and they decided to give up on me.

    If you actually look at the left hand side of bikesales, at the bottom of their list of links there is a link to a page that explains a few scenarios.

  9. Figured it was a scam, seems like a lot of effort to go to, some people really have no life :)

    Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated.

  10. @sailormoon.com is a dodgy domain, I have had scams come from there before. Anything that doesn't look like a legit sale or somebody that offers more than asked is often scamming.
  11. Yup i think vic is right.

    I wouldn't trust anyone who is so vague about their intentions. If it was a real person there would have been some explanation as to how they expect to get it overseas and asking how much they want for shipping etc.. before they start even talking about sending you money. Not to mention not wanting an inspection or revealing any other details about themselves.

    It all adds up to one dodgy deal.
  12. never accept a cheque unless its a bank cheque that u can clearwith them standing beside you.

    as for over seas, accept it as a scam straight away. as the price may be perfect foir them. but shipping costs for a vehicle would be high. and there for would offset the right price idea.

    good luck with your sale
  13. Interesting...

    My brother had the same thing - guy in the uk wanted to buy his bike as an agent - offered a ridiculous price for it too in Euros (rather than dollars). He spoke to him on the phone, and the guy wanted to do it by cheque. My brother got the cheque (bank cheque) and it cleared, but the transporter for the bike never showed and now the buyer has gone awol.

    So now he has bike + money. Hmm. Contacted the various consumer affairs groups and conclusion is that these "agents" are scamming people in Europe. Nothing left to do but sell the bike... again...

    Watch out you dont get the short end of the stick with these people.

  14. Re: Interesting...

    Give me a "short stick" like that anyday:):)
  15. make the folks at 'BikePoint' and wherever else your selling the bike aware of this fraudster before, obviously, ignoring it yourself.
  16. Re: Interesting...

    and this is a bad thing how?
    ditto me wanting a short stick like that :LOL:
  17. Re: Interesting...

    that's awesome! scam the scammers :LOL:

  18. Its a very common scam. They say that the client has given them a cheque for $6000 with the extra $2000 being their commision and shipping costs. They say they are sending you the cheque from the client and can you send them their $2000 as soon as you get it.

    The idea is the cheque will bounce or is from a stolen book, they hope that someone will send them their money before the cheque bounces or is discovered to be stolen.

    They couldnt care less about the bike or car, its just the cheque refund scam.