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Strange Camera M2 Eastbound - Pennant Hills Road Entry

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by papermate, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Hello team. The other day while wizzing on my bike i saw a strange setup.


    1. Eastbound (away from city)
    2. Right hand shoulder, actually 2 meters into bush.
    3. After bus terminal
    4. Before people merge onto the M2 from the Pennant Hills Road entry

    This place is notorious for HWP to sit because of the merging bus lane from the right to the 2 left lanes. There are 2 spots were HWP can sit, out of site, and with clear line of radar/lidar facing eastbound and detect traffic going past.

    The setup is strange, its sort of like a tripod, with skinny but durable black legs, and a camera which is not unlike a CCT camera, and what may have been accessory cables to units on the ground. It did not look like a convential speed camera setup, but i wasnt going slow enough to scrutinise it more.

    I only caught a glimpse and turned my head at 100kmph, so i couldnt look for too long.

    does anyone know anymore?
  2. Rego check camera...

    The camera is linked to the RTA database,

    They force all of the cars into a single lane, then the camera reads the front number plate (on cars :) )... 100m down the road is a heap of cops to pull over all of the drivers of unregistered cars...

    when they do it at St Peters, which they do pretty regular, they fill the big carpark with cars and remove their number plates...

    good on 'em I say... nice to see them focusing on something other than speed for a change...

  3. although... re-reading your post, it doesn't sound like they were forcing all the cars to slow down like they do when I have seen it before...
  4. hmm.... that sounds like a suitable use for what i saw as a camera, but your right to say that, no everyone was zooming past at 100kmp and i did not see any police proceeding that point.
  5. I know exactly what you are talking about. I've seen it on the M5 at the King Georges Rd on ramp heading west. Not sure what it is exactly but 2 days later it was gone. It has infra-red leds around the lens. It should also be bolted down around a pole or something.
  6. Sounds kind of like the speed cameras they had in WA when I was there over Christmas time. It's a portable setup, i.e. non-vehicle-mounted. I don't know if it was attached to a rego checker or not. The residents just treated it as a normal speed camera.
  7. Speed cameras in WA are horrible, praying mantis like structures.

    Black tripod things with black 'nose cones, with a box with a flash (white during day/red during night) attached next to it.

    Horrible, vile, insipid creatures!

    It does sound moderately similar to the WA ones, but I'm not convinced.
  8. I did spot a strange looking camera in the bushes on the M2 last thursday night at about 11pm... Suppose this is what you'r talking about

    There was also a black unmarked police car about 5km down the road, parked at 45 degrees on the bus lane windsor rd exit.
  9. If the camera was pointed at the front of the (oncoming) cars, then I would say it is most likely doing rego checks, but I thought they had to make the cars slow right down for them to work... maybe the technology has improved that much...

    Is there a bus lane there or anything that they might have been checking?