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Strange (but true) co-incidences

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Ok, no urban myths, or things that happened to a friend of a friend, but how many times have you had strange co-incidences happen?

    Back in '72, in Army uniform, I was hitch-hiking back home from Melbourne. A truck picked me up outside the Ford plant at Broadmeadows. The driver asked me where I was going, and I said "Wollongong". He said, "Jeez, you're lucky, so am I".

    And he was; he lived in the street behind my place, and one to the left of the neighbour through my back fence!!!

    What's the odds on getting a lift with a person over 1,000kms to have the driver live within walking distance of your place???
  2. My best friend and i happen to be born on the exact same day, we didn't know this when we met 14 years ago and only found out when our birthday parties came up back in grade 4. :p

    I think that's a pretty big co-incidence, he's the only other person i have met who was born on the same day as me.
  3. Hey, same day AND same year???

    There's only 365 days in a year, so with 6 billion people in the world, you share your birthday with LOTS of people, but it IS rare to meet that person.

    I've only met one other person with my birthdate (it was same year too, and funnily enough), she was a girl I was sweet on in high school in 1962, but I didn't find out about the birthday thing till 1977.

    Of course RC36Honda's birthday is the same as mine, but that's hardly a co-incidence!
  4. I share the same birthday as my ex BF's ex GF!!

    Confused yet??.. OK.. I used to go out with ummm call him "S"..MANY MANY years ago.. we split..stayed mates... he met "A".. mother of his son.. they split..amicably...I still see them both socially, and over a few too many reds recently discovered that "A" and I share the same birthday..:shock:

    So now he has NO excuse to forget either birthday :LOL: :LOL:

    Oh and just to twist it up a bit more... "S" & his new GF, live with his old GF and son... and I lob round & get pissed with all of em....
  5. Slightly different, one day I was walking across Hyde Park in London after watching a Japanese Yamatsuri Festival which included Zen Horseback Archery, I overheard a recognisable Australian accent in front of me. It turned out to be one of my year nine and ten classmate from Apocolypse High. :shock: :D :D :D
    Wow, what a small world. I had no idea he was in the country (UK).
  6. me and my mate hav the same bday as well he came to our school in yr 4 and i found out his bday was the same as mine when we both got sung happy bday to
    kraven your bday isnt june 12 is it? now wouldnt that be a coincidence if it was
  7. I worked with an old highschool friend a couple of years ago (Jordo) and he went to England for a holiday. While he was in London he was staying with his best mate from Highschool (Stoompy) that went there a few years earlier to work. There were 5 guys living in the house, all aussies, all from northern suburbs Melbourne (All within 5kms from Greensborough), and none of them knew each other before meeting in London by chance while looking for a place to live.


  8. When i moved into this house with other students it wasn't untill i had lived her for 8 months before me and another guy here realised we had the same bday. There was a few minutes of confusion when we're both like "So what u gettin me for my bday?"
  9. Years ago on my train to work, I regularly used travel in the same carriage as a guy I knew through business. He generally chatted with another bloke, presumably a mate of his.

    On holiday in the UK, I found myself in Bath for a couple of days. Gazing in a shop window, I turned to my left and noticed a guy looking in the window of the shop next door. Yep, it was the mate of my acquaintance from the morning train (as I confirmed when I got back to Melbourne).

    Before leaving Australia to go on that trip, I'd bought a copy of the English magazine "Car". It had a test of a 928S Porsche, and I noticed the rego of the test car was "THE928S". In London I looked out the back of a bus and there was the same car, following behind.

    On the same trip I was staying in a small hotel in Rome. At breakfast the first morning I discovered another business acquaintance sitting at the next table with her brand new husband.

    I'm cursed - no matter where I go, I generally see someone I know or at least recognise.
  10. (I'll let you in on a little secret. The Truman Show was actually a documentary!) :wink:
  11. OK here is my co-incidence.
    A couple of weeks ago i wandered out into the back yard, late at night as you do, for a p1ss, and as i was doing so I happened to look up, and at that exact moment there was a bright flash in the sky that lasted for maybe a second and dissapeared.
    it resembled a star that just turned on then off like it was in test mode, so then I had to stand there for several minutes getting a sore neck just to see if it would happen again, but of course it didn't because by now THEY obviously realised that they were being watched.

    Still don't know what was going on, maybe it was the big bang in replayor the tooth fairy was making some re arangements.
  12. Earlier this year at Boogieman's party on the Northsaide, I ran into a couple of wild party animals from the East saide. Raight maan.
    It was a bit of a surprise.
  13. When I was 28 (long time ago now, lol) I was at the Rye pub with a friend meeting friends of his. I kept staring at this bloke, and likewise, he was staring at me. We both felt that we had met somewhere back in time. It transpired that not only did we share the same birth date, but we were born 45 minutes apart in the same hospital. His mum was in the bed beside my mum.

    Got lots more cooincidences, but that's probably the most amazing!!!

  14. Last year I sold a printer to a guy in Hurstville, and all I knew about him was his first name, Jim, and his address.

    But when I walked in the door I recognised him even before he told me his surname. I said "Your father was Bob ~ wasn't he?"

    He was shocked, but said yes! He asked me how I knew, and I said "Because my dad was Richard *"!

    His dad and my dad worked together from around 1936 to 1961, and the last time I had seen him was in '61, when I was 12 and he was 8 years old!

    He hadn't changed much, needless to say.