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Featured Strange bikesale or am I just paranoid?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jord4231, May 20, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys and Girls.

    I've been trying to sell my bike for some time now, I put it forsale on bike sales and have had 1 or 2 time wasters So I decided last week to list the bike on ebay as well.

    I put the bike up with a starting price of $6000 and only put 2 photos up of the bike not great photos, but the photos also had the bike sales watermark on the bottom of the photo as I copy and pasted my pictures from there so they where not the best quality (my intention keep reading)

    So this is where it starts getting a little weird.

    I put a bit of a speel up about the bike (not listing its faults just more of a brief description) and at the very top of the listing I wrote more photos on bikesales.com.au and for more information please call my phone number.

    I thought on one would bid on the listing with out calling me.
    Especially being it was listed cheaper on bikesales.

    3 hours to go on the listing Sunday a 0 feed back user (but registered with ebay for over 5 years) puts a bid
    So I canceled the bid with the explanation 0 feedback user and hasn't bothered to contact me.
    33 seconds left on the auction he bids again and wins the bike.

    Straight away after the auction I send him a message please call me on my phone number (keep in mind he had only just bid less than 40 seconds ago.

    No response for a few hours so I tried calling him No answer, I tried later again that night still no answer.

    The next morning woke up to a message in my ebay inbox simply saying I will call you.

    It gets to 3pm Monday still no call, by this stage I'm thinking who bids on a $6k bike knowing nothing about it....

    Finally around 7:30 I get the call Explaining, sorry I couldn't call you last night I was out to tea and got home late, I think well fair enough.

    He then proceeds to tell me he is trying to organize all the other stuff he brought on ebay all with in the hour of buying my bike being (I think a Harley a caravan and a car....) then I explained to him I was a little concerned someone would want to bid on a bike of that price with out knowing much about it.

    He said don't worry the transaction won't fall over we want to pick it up this week and pay cash. He then tells me he has brought my bike for his mate who is a bike mechanic and he probably just wants to do it up and sell it anyway, He then asked if it was ok for him to give my phone number to his friend so his friend can organize payment and pick up (this was Monday night 7:30ish ) I said no worries please get him to call me asap he said he will call him right now and let him know.

    Its now 8am Wednesday still no call from his friend, It all just seems a little sus to me. I've had too many bad thoughts running through my head "are they coming to steal the bike" "do they want to pay with counterfeit cash?"

    I don't know its probably just me being paranoid.

    Meanwhile I have had a call another potential buyer really wanting to buy my bike.

    How long should I give this guy to respond before disputing the transaction and moving on? I don't want to loose out on other potential sales if this guy is a time waster
  2. its got scam written all over it or at the very least a big time waster.
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  3. Hrmm what to do what to do. I can dispute it as early as Thursday or do I let it go to friday? Do I give this guy the benifit of the doubt?
  4. Don't even bother. Is worth the loss of eBay use just refuse to talk to buyer and don't stress.
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  5. Don't waste any more time with this guy!

    If he was a genuwine buyer he would of made contact and paid a small deposit shortly after winning the bike.
    But he is giving you the run around and giving excuses left right and centre .
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  6. Thanks guys ill pop in the dispute tomorrow to get my fees back once I do that ill call the other interested buyer. I bet you this guys friend will call me tonight (don't know his number)
  7. Good. If he calls you just say "sorry mate, too much time has passed without communication/money etc so I had no choice but to sell it to someone who could actually finalise the transaction with none of the dicking around you and your friend gave me"

    ..or something like that!
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  8. And impose a negative strike on his eBay account
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  9. Whilst on the topic of scams, some of you may have already heard of this one if you are selling a bike on one of those sites, just be aware that if you are contacted by someone who says they work on an oil rig and they won't be able to get to have a look at the bike and they will send a mate round, after you give them your account details so they can give you a deposit. This is a scam, do not go any further with it as you will be taken big time
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  10. Yeh about that... ebay now doesn't let sellers give buyers negitive feedback..... but this buyer can still leave me negitive feedback
  11. I had two different guys with mates on two different oil rigs try to buy my last two cars. Problem being I wasn't prepared to pay the transporter and arrange shipping to an unknown address in a totally different location??? Not sure how this could've been dodgy???
  12. If I remember correctly, you can add a reply to the neg feedback message, describing the situation. But I'm not 100% sure about this, you might need to check the ebay help section.
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  13. Mark them as a non-paying buyer, ebay will then remove any associated feedback, even if negative.

    The preferred route goes something like this: buyer pays you via Bank Transfer, including an additional amount for the transporter fees. You then pay this to the transporter (usually their cohort) when they arrive to collect the car. Sometime later, your bank becomes aware of the fraudulent payment the buyer made to you, and revoke that amount from your account.

    You’ve essentially given away a car and some of your own money.
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  14. Sounds like a scam for sure..
  15. Yep, exactly how it works... My sarcasm isn't very good, sorry...

    I found it much easier to find a drug dealer through Gumtree who wanted to pay me $35k in cash for my car...
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  17. Lol its a bit like that hey!
  18. If they do leave a -ve feedback, you can mark them as a non payer and contact ebay support. Once you explain the scam, ebay will clear your record.
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  19. definitely don't give out address where bike is stored!
    probably coming to steal bike one way or another
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  20. Yeh I'm glad I posted this, I'm now in the I don't care mode I'll dispute the transaction Its forsale else ware if he contacts me tomorrow or Friday bad luck mate!
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