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Strange behaviour from Oxford Heated Grips

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Pedro78, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I installed a set of Oxford Heated Grips approx 3 weeks ago and up until this morning they were working fine.
    This morning when i turned them on they jumped straight to the second setting.
    Then after a few seconds it changed its self to the 3rd and then finally the max setting.
    Turned them off and tried again but the same thing happended.
    When i got to work i tried it with the bike turned off, (they are hooked up directly to the battery) and with the bike off they seemed to operate as normal.
    This afternoon i tried them again but the same thing happen.
    If the bike is running they have a mind of their own and with the bike off, sometimes they work normal other times they randomly change.
    The other issue is that when they randomly change up to the highest setting it is not possible to turn them down.
    Would i be right to assume theres something wrong with the control box.
    Ive checked all the wiring and cant see anything obvious that would be causing the problem.

  2. Sorry to hear of your problem mate - I sincerely hope you get it sorted sooner than later. However, one has to ask : Based on this very strange behaviour, which Transformer is your bike ?
  3. Hey Pedro.

    I assume you have checked all the connections, especially the earth.
    Sounds like you got a dodgy controller though.

    Strange, i've had mine for two seasons and i don't hear many complaints about them.
    Oxford are good with warranty, take it back to where you got it, they should change it straight over.

  4. Mine stopped working today too. Could only switch on, no ability to change heat settings. Rang the dealer who found the invoice (April 2009) and will send the controller back to distributor for a free replacement. Searching the net reveals that this is a common problem.
  5. Sorry to hear you're having issues to.

    Probably a stupid question but is the controller the unit with the heat settings on the handlebar or the black box that has the wires connecting to the battery?
  6. I had a simular problem with my last pair of Oxford grips. It will be caused by a poor contact. I put water proof grease on all the conections and never had another problem.
  7. The one on the handlebars.
  8. Spoke to the dealer today and they've organised for the distributor to send a replacement.

  9. Good result.
    I had a similar problem recently, and found water in the control unit (in my case situated under the seat). Retailer arranged for everything except the grips to be replaced under warranty. When reinstalling be sure to apply a sealant around the back and cable penetrations on the control unit. Also, try to place it somewhere that water will not be a problem.....not always easy on a motorcycle I know. Also, apply small amounts of sealant around wire penetrations on the connectors, and tape the connectors once installed. Anything to help keep water out. Despite the Oxford grips having a good reputation, moisture in the control unit seems a common problem both here and overseas. I rewired mine through a relay this time around....now they switch off when the ignition is turned off.