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Stranded in Lakes Entrance - Help / Suggestions Needed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Stueh, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone,

    So, long story short, my 8 hour ride from Blue Mountains to Lakes Entrance yesterday (part of Adelaide - Cairns and back on a 250 road bike) turned into a 15 hour trip after a serious f***up and 100km on dirt roads resulted in me having no rear tyre. Well, there is one, but see for yourself what gravel and rocks will do to a perfectly good racing tyre.

    Anyway, a local was nice enough to give me a lift to Lakes Entrance with my bike of the back of a ute, and I'm now trying to work out what to do next. The tyre I need is a 180/55 - 17 (although I'm told a 190/50 will also do the trick). The front tyre while somewhat bald, will get me to Melbourne.

    The only tyre store here in town doesn't do motorbikes, and I've been told the Mower and Motorbike shop only deals in dirts. The bike shops in Bairnsdale are pretty much my only option at the moment, short of getting it towed to Melbourne. Also, everywhere is closed until Monday.

    So anyway, I obviously need to get it to Bairnsdale somehow, so I was wondering if anyone knows of some sort of bike towing company (because normal towing would be serious overkill and costly) or know someone who is able to help transport the bike to Bairnsdale on monday.

    Or, even better, are there any "mobile mechanics" who can come out and do it on the spot for me? This would obviously be the preffered option.

    Cost isn't too much of a problem here, as I've got very limited options, so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Stueh,
    Bugga mate ! That could really put a dampener on your adventure.

    After reading your post, and doing a little research I've come across this -

    Not sure if you've researched/called Drew already but hoping this helps.
    Best of luck dude and I'll check here a little later to hear of any further developments at your end.

    Enjoy Lakes Entrance in the meantime (y)

    PS - If you need somewhere to 'crash' for the arvo/night, try Cunningham Shore Motel, end of Princes Hwy, away from the Town centre. Lovely couple who really looked after me - bloke rides a CBR1000RR. Mention you're a mate of mine (Nick) and that I stayed with them about 1 month ago, on a Blue/White GSXR on a ride from Sydney - Melbourne (in hope they look after you also).

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  5. Just had a look at your tyre photo. Its bald because you rode too far on it, not from riding on dirt. Be careful your front doesn't do the same thing.
    "The front tyre while somewhat bald, will get me to Melbourne."
  6. My advice would be relax and enjoy Lakes Entrance. It's one of the nicer towns going around.
    I'm pretty sure you can get a bus to Bairnsdale pretty easily. Pick up a the tire you need, or at least one that will get you to Melbourne, and take the bus back. Failing that, hitch a ride or find a friendly local or tourist or whatever who's willing to take you.
  7. Stueh,
    Popped in again to check up on how you went. Lots of great suggestions/advice from other NRs. How did you go mate ?
  8. yeah, just get on the bus to b'dale (which will run a few times a day, train station is at b'dale) and head into one of the bike shops and grab a tyre. JR's would be the pick of them, its quite close to the bus stop too!

    get a tyre, go back on the bus and take your bike to lakes bike/mower shop. they should have a tyre fitting machine.
  9. They guy is in Lakes Entrance, some 320 km from Melbourne...
  10. Well, I didn't intend on riding through any gravel etc. We're not talking just a few km on dirt here, we're talking Snowy River area. Tore the thing to shreds pretty quickly.

    I tried to call Drew (the link Nickers put up) but had no answer. Also tried a few bike stores in Bairnsdale but they're all closed, so just have to wait until tomorrow.

    Anyway, saw some guys on bikes at the local servo here and had a chat with them. They told me that the local bike store DOES do some road bikes, and they reckon the bloke there may have the tyre size I need, or can express it in.

    Staying at a backpackers here in Lakes Entrance. I'd only booked in for one night originaly, but obviously that's been extended! Didn't do much today, spent almost all day reading. It was good, as I've been travelling for a month and have been doing something every day, be it riding, walking around or partying.

    Thanks for the offer and advice guys :)
  11. Hey Stueh,
    Good to hear from you and that you're getting yourself sorted out over there ! Backpackers ? Silly me...of course mate - you're there to have fun ;)
    Pity about Drew - their online advertisement seemed very '24/7 available' - maybe out on another job ? :D
    Best of luck with the near tyre/s mate and safe onwards journey.
  12. The tyre is not worn down from dirt riding - if anything riding on the dirt will cause less wear than bitumen. The tyre is worn from riding on straight line bitumen - it's happened to me many times and I ALWAYS wear my rear tyres down to the steel before I replace them.

    You say the tyre is flat, I'm not sure why but I suspect it is unrelated to the steel showing - on most tyres, when the steel is showing you still have 3mm+ of rubber between the steel strips and the core of the tyre.

    If it were me, I'd be putting a plug in the rear and then riding the rest of the way back to Melbourne to replace the rear. I'd also check what you say about the tyre size - a 180 sounds awfully big to me to be putting on a 250.

    Good luck.
  13. I'm only 21, so it's still not creepy for me to stay in backpackers, and one of the perks of doing so when riding a bike around with a spare helmet on, is that you tend to meet people that want to coem for a ride ;)

    Anyway. I managed to get the problem sorted today. I went into the store, and had a chat with them. They were extremely helpful. They didn't have the front I needed, 130/70 16, but they put on a 120/80 instead which they did have in stock.

    They didn't, however, have a rear tyre that fit (either 180/55 17 or 190/50), but as luck would have it, the guys son I think was on his way back from Melbourne and was able to pick up a tyre for me on the way. Even got the type I wanted (Dunlop Roadsmart, dual compound :)).

    Thanks a bunch to everyone who offered help and advice, I appreciate it a fair bit.

    Oh, and farqhuar, yes it's 180/55 stock. The bike is a Hornet 250, so it has the rear tyre directly off the good ol' fireblade. Having a tyre that size on a 4cylinder 250 is quite fun, might I add :)

  14. Dude, what an adventure!

    Firstly, do you have a route map you took.

    Why so much gravel?

    Lesson no 1. Always check the the bike over before any major trip. The weather is pretty crappy and to be riding on roadworthy tires is asking for major trouble.If your front is too bald your going to need 2 new tires that will be slippery anyway.

    Take care and good luck.

  15. Yeah, I took the "scenic" route from near Kootha, Blue Mountains to Lakes Entrance, via Snowy Mountains and Snowy River National Park.

    Anyway, took a look at my GPS log, and the following is definitely worth a ride: HERE.

    From Cooma to about halfway between Delegate River and Bonang is beautiful. About 10km before Delegate River, it turned into roads like this. It was pretty cool, and surprisingly good quality roads for the middle of nowhere. If you're into adventure biking, I'd suggest going further. From about 20km before Bonang until about 5km before Buchan it's all dirt and gravel, hilly and curvy. It'd be absolutely awesome on a dirt/adventure bike.

    Hell, I suggest even doing the bitumen stuff on a road bike and just turning around when you hit dirt, it was that good.

  16. Accommodation around Lakes Entrance - Traralgon executive apartments

    I know this is slightly off topic, but just thought I'd spread the word about accommodation options in the Gippsland - a particular one in Traralgon:


    3 of us stayed here in Oct on the way back to Sydney from Phillip Island - for under $240 we had a fully automated double garage, seriously upmarket executive fittings (marbletop kitchen, plasma TV), and washer and DRYER! The latter was especially helpful to dry out stuff from that dreadful MotoGP wet weekend. And it was 3 bedrooms, with one bedroom having an ensuite.

    Anyway, $80 for each of us, was a FAR cry from the usual motel average-ness which would have set us back $100 each anyway ... have a go at this place if you're in the area. I'd ride back down through Traralgon just to stay at this place again!
  17. yep i agree with others, if it was a puncture i would agree it was the gravel road that did it, but that is caused by running to long on the black stuff....been there and done that myself (opps) glad to hear you got it sorted, and that road isn't so bad on road bikes, 3 of us did it in 30degree day in full leathers and only about 1ltr of water between the 3 of us (another opps moment)
  18. Stranded at The Entrance

    Branded a fool

    What will they say

    Monday at school..?