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Stranded at baldhill last night

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Darrin Hodges, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. So yesterday evening I decide go to for a quick fang through the nasho on my Triumph sprint. Stopped at my usual servo for a fillup then off I go. Get to bald hill and stop for a bit. Hop backup on turn the ignition on, pull the clutch and hit the starter. Nada, zip, nothing. Ok, turn off, flip the sidestand down and up again, try again. zilch. The lights on the console but nobody home. Tried a few more times then I started noticing the headlight looks kinda yellowish and a few more goes the LCD on the console wasn't showing any info. Looks like dead battery, so I called for a tow.

    Got home and tested the battery, 9V. Jumped it from the car and it started right away. Check the battery with the engine running, 11.7 volts (was charged by the car engine for a while before starting) and decending, not rising when revved. So battery is fine, charging system is broken.

    Will test in the morning but from what I've read, the first culprit is the rectifier/regulator, so ive hunted one day from a wreckers. Hoping its just that and not the stator.
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    Probably regulator, if you have an external charger, charge the battery fully then start and rev the engine to cruise revs. You should get around 14.5 volts. A little less is fine, more is a sign of overcharging.

    Checks of the stator are a resistance test of the windings with the stator disconnected Wires 1-2 2-3 3-1, you should get fairly equal resistances. The second test is measuring AC voltage from the stator when the bike is running and the stator disconnected. You should get 30v plus between each winding.

    Good Luck.
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  3. That never happened with the XVS650, now did it?

    Jus' saying.
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  4. Sure it's not a Honda?????
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  5. Triumph stators do appear to be a tad fragile.
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  6. Turned out to be the regular.
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  7. Regulator is a common problem, id suggest you upgrade it rather than replacing with an identical unit.
  8. I will do, but needed something to get going in the mean time
  9. Try www.regulatorrectifier.com often they have an uprated version of the RegRec for various models. I have used these RegRecs on a range of bikes with no issues.
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  10. Buy a spare reg/rec and put it under the seat. Fit a volt gauge. The second you see it drop pull over and change it, usually an easy job.
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  11. These 3 colour LEDs are an option instead of a voltmeter as per teef's suggestion.. Much easier to fit also if you have limited space on the instrument cluster.
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  12. I brought one of those new fangled mosfet regulators and a small. Led volt meter. I also ordered the revised lower left hand fairing bracket, the revised ones have the regulator mount (was on right side for pre 2008 models) for improved air flow across it. Thanks for your tips :)

    I'm thinking of leaving the stock one where it is (with connectors taped up) so if the new one croaks I plug the other one in :)
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  13. The Sprint is a really nice bike, but this appears to be one of its foibles. Mine was a 2011 GT and it never had a problem. Oddly one day I was riding along and the instruments on the dash started dying one by one. I figured like you I had done a reg/rec. I turned around and made it home, but it turned out to be battery only. Very odd. One tip I got was as soon as there is any drama with a battery on a Sprint, replace it immediately, otherwise the sick battery will likely damage the charging system.
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