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Straightening muffler

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Salad Cycle, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    Is it legal to alter a muffler so that is parallel to the ground?

    Is it an easy job for a boiler maker?

    Will it not compromise the design and effectiveness of the muffler?

    Thank you for your time.
    2015-04-07 18.27.09.
  2. Shouldn't be too hard, but you will have to fab up another mounting point.
  3. You won't gain anything from it except cosmetic change.
  4. Big question is why?
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  5. If it were my bike I would leave it the way it is. I think it looks better in its current position. Also note you may lose ground clearance when cornering
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  6. +1 on that. It would just look odd IMO. But it's your bike.
    Maybe there's a reason why it's like that?
  7. Is that an early GS500/F?
  8. cbr125r 2007

    Reason: The rear fairing taper will be more aerodynamic without the bulky muffler in the way.

    I don't lean over much and have chicken strips to prove it.

    So it would not get defected if the cops thought it looked strange.
  9. Dont do it,would look like shit
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  10. is this for the streamliner?

    easy to cut a fillet out of the pipe, bend muffler down and re-weld.. anyone with a welder could half-arse that

    but.. can you still get access to rear axle without pulling muffler off?
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  11. Yeah, this is probably the biggest concern here. Could be a bit of a bummer to be forced to take off the exhaust every time you'll need to change the rear tyre.
  12. Yes streamliner. Rear axle should be accessible to to a spanner since the exhaust should not be in contact with the swing arm.

    Thanks for the replies.
  13. Its a 125 street bike, While I admire your zeal, the Aerodynamic taper improvement from moving the exhaust will be more than offset by the burn marks on your leg when you lean against the low pipe. Go for it tho if it makes your boat less sinkable..
  14. I have been looking into the fairing I'll be using and it looks like I won't need to straighten the exhaust. :) Thanks for the replies.