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Straightening Handlebars

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by stewy, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Ok guys it's not a mod, but i need to straighten some handlebars as sourcing them has proven to be harder then first thought.

    So can it be done? If so is it possible with a oxy or does anyone know someone where i can take it to get it done?

    Any advice would be great

    cheers stewy
  2. better off with new ones, if they are bent they will have a weakness in that area and may be prone to breaking.
  3. as scooter said, do it at your own risk. metal doesn't like to flex, doing so makes it brittle and much more prone to snapping.

    if its only a small amount of bending, then i guess you'll should be right, but if the tubing looks like its lost shape, forget about it...
  4. If the bars are alloy then forget it - they can't be straightened without significantly weakening the metal unless they can be expertly heat treated afterwards (be cheaper to replace them). With steel it might be possible, what you really need to ask though is do you really want one of the bars snapping off when you're riding :shock: (worst case scenario but still).
  5. worst case is if they happen to snap in an off, snapped handlebars ussually seem to have some very sharp jagged bits just waiting to catch some soft flesh.
  6. don't do it IMO. My cousin still has a scar from when we tried bending the bars back on his dragster after he stacked it :?
  7. yeah i had the same concerns out them snapping but a wecker suggested it too me, then i thought, well they straight frames so maybe it wasn't as silly as i first thought..... but glad others are thinking the same thing.

    cheers guys
  8. Stewy ... what sorta bars for what sorta bike???
  9. If you ARE going to do it, the best place to go to is a muffler/exhaust place; they have mandrels and stuff for bending pipe.
  10. for a vt250c
  11. If they can't be straightened maybe one of you clever people can suggest an inovative way to source said handlebars?

    Surely there is a set out there just waiting for a home....
  12. DONT DO IT :eek: Buy new handlebars, if you do do it update your life insurance and check your hospital cover :shock:
  13. Don't do it stewy. You'd be better of with non-factory bars than straightened ones. There's plenty of options available.

    I'm surprised you can't get bars for a ZZR though. It should take about 3 weeks to send them over from Japan if need be. :grin:
  14. You can avoid the need by just keeping it on the back wheel.
  15. Hi Stewy
    If the bar has just a slight bend with no crease. l would straighten it with a rubber mallet. Does not take much to re bend. Turn bars till they are on the steering lock to give some solid resistance. You dont want to be bending back and forth to much. Straightend my clutch lever after the dealer sold me some aftermarket rubbish. You have got to be happy with your own decision. If the bar is a rightoff its a rightoff.
    good luck
  16. sorry guys they aren't for my zzr but for Grrrl vt250c, problem being with the bars on the vt250c they aren't inter changeable, as from what i have been told the clamps and bolts and risers are all actaully welded together (as one piece) i have also called a few places, doesn't sound like there are any in oz (also tried a few wreckers) none! So hopefully will be able to have alook at the bike and the handlebar set up over the weekend, and have been told that a set of riser, clamps and harley bars should able to be modified to suit, just gotta find out how much this will cost, or whether it's cheaper to just order a new bar from japan.

    As for the whole straightening of the bars it was suggested too me by a wrecker that i could straighten them, my opinion off this was that would be dangerous as it would weaken them, but wanted to make sure others shared my opinion.

    cheers stewy
  17. I did it a couple of years ago on my old Suzuki GZ250 cruiser. Was never quite right, but was definitely ridable.

    If the bars are fcuked now, having a go at bending them back won't do too much more damage. If you have a go and it works, great. If you have a go and it stuffs it, then you're back to square one, and have to source some new bars.

    If you can't find new bars anywhere, might I suggest talking to a steel fab shop, that will have pipe bending equipment. They should be able to make a custom set of bars without too much trouble.
  18. thanks pete will try that
  19. *rolls on floor laughing*

    That's a pissa!!