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Straight line hero

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Taken from annoyed drivers thread

    Generally, I will agree with this statement. There are sometimes exceptions though.

    Recently I was in NZ with my family + other. Folks were kind enough to get me a hired Hyundai Getz around so we could do our own thing (plus it was kinda necessary, 6 people), but the point is it was the cheapest car available. Now, I was driving from Milford Sound back to queenstown, about 5-10 min out of Milford Sound when we came across a Corolla. Got passed without too much issue and pretty much walked away.

    Half way out, we pulled over at Mirror Lakes as it was early morning and completely still. As we got back in the car, Corolla overtook us. The road from there back to Te Anau is very much a sweeper road; kilometre plus straights and fast sweeping bends, usually a few in a row.

    Now, corolla really didn't want to be overtaken again. Too bad for him he was getting schooled in cornering, so halfway through the second corner in a set I'd be buttoning his hole. This really got to him. When it came to straights, the 1.notmuch Litre getz really did not stand a chance against his 2L corolla, and he made a point of showing it. I'd be sitting on $1.4, and he would be pulling away significantly faster, by now about two hundred metres ahead down the straight, but on the brakes waaaayyyy early, to get down the recommended corner speed. 1.5 corners later (through a set of three or four) I'd be a car length behind, jumping on the brakes to get down to 80 or 90, letting him know how short his penis really is. This was the case for the next 50k's back to Te Anau.

    The point of this is that in this instance, it was clearly his responsibility to let the faster driver pass. He might have been held up for ten seconds down one straight, but he would have cost me in the range of 5-10 minutes. After the first set of corners he would have forgotten that I exist.
  2. I came out of Canberra going south, There is a stretch of road two lanes wide, 80 KPH, Double lines all the way. Front Car was doing 40 kph, I kid you not, No overtaking lanes, Big line of cars behind him, 20 f#cking miles later, we turn right over a bridge and go up the hill,
    Two lanes up, one lane down, Second car pulls out and sits beside the first car, Still doing 40 KPH,
    I can see clearly up the hill, So I overtake over the double lines, all twelve cars stuck behind these two Morons, I have passed all these cars and back over the double lines long before the top of the hill,
    Quite safely in my opinion, There are a few on here that would disagree,

    The cop was sitting up on the hill behind and seen the whole thing,
    I was pulled up about 50 miles further down the road, by a cop going north,
    Then a second cop pulled in behind me, First cop left, Second cop was waiting for cop on hill to catch up, finally cop on hill arrived and second cop left,

    He wanted to know what speed I was doing when I went over the top of the hill, I said, 100 kph,
    I explained to him what had occurred with the two drivers and how long I had sat behind them, I had to be back in Melb to start work the next day,

    Very pleasant cop, we had a good chat, Wife and step daughter in the car waiting,
    He understood where I was coming from, and had seen the whole thing going up the hill,
    He was not impressed with the two clods doing 40 kph side by side in a 80 kph Zone,
    Booked me for doing 85 in a 70 zone, I was happy with that,
    He advised me to keep it down a bit, As there were a couple more cops further down the road,
    I was driving a 253 Monaro,

    I may drive fast, I always have, But I am an extremely courteous driver and rider,

    I got pulled up when I was 16 on L plates coming back from Sydney in my mothers car,
    Doing 75 MPH (120KPH) He wanted to now why I was going so fast on an L plate,

    My mother said he was a safe driver, and he was too young to get his licence,
    He asked how old I was, Mum said 16,

    His eyes fell out of his head,

    She said to him, This is his 3rd trip back from Sydney, and he has driven to Brisbane and back 3 times as well, totalling about 10,000 miles at age 16,

    He just said keep it down a bit and wished me and Mum a good trip home and left,
  3. This reminds me of the stoopid l platers on ninjas on sat on the old road.
    Slow as through the corners which was to be expected.
    I gave them a bit of leeway but they wouldnt move over we get to the straight and they take off like a bull at a gate from 50 - 100+
    Anyway i got to over take them eventually and i was sitting at the slab and was hoping they stoped for some education but the kept going.

    I also got stuck behing this old bloke on an old beemer and his mate i was behind them for 6-7 corners i obviously wanted to get past and as my bike doesnt have alot of power i sloted in between the 2 and on the next straigh bit i was gona do the same to his mate and tgen the dude on the beemer comes up the inside of me all angry well move the f*** over it might of been the p plate that made him angry
  4. it's called "pull over, have a drink, wee or smoke and 5 minutes or 10 minutes later, get back on the road and enjoy the trip"
  5. haha when I saw the thread title I thought of those L platers! I don't know who was leading these guys but teaching an L plater to be 40+ over the limit on every straight is not smart IMHO. Mainly because it craps everyone else off who wants to overtake and secondly cause that's where the cops like to nab you. ](*,)
  6. Sam im prety sure they were by them selves retards.

    True i could of pulled over but if i did this for every one that doesnt like to be good natured and move over well i would probably be on the side of the road alot and not doing much riding.
  7. Hmm my story is a combination of Deadmans and Lilleys.

    Driving from Wellington to Auckland (yes back in NZ) on a Friday night. There are two cars ahead of me doing 80kph (in a 100 zone) and we were in the stretch of road that was double yellow lines, but overtaking lanes were approaching fairly consistently.

    As soon as we hit the overtaking lane, the second car pulls out to overtake, and I follow them. But the front car suddenly speeds up to 110 (speed limit in NZ is 100) so the second car backs off from overtaking. Unfortunately now there is not enough road left for me to overtake them both.

    As soon as the overtaking lane was gone, the front car slowed down to 80kph again. This happened at the next overtaking lane as well (several km further down the road).

    At the next overtaking lane we started the same dance but when the second car gave up again, I decided to go for it (Nissan Skyline) as there was still room... if I hurried. So floored it, and ended up doing 160 and made it with breathing room.

    But there was a cop just past the end of the overtaking lane.
    As soon as he turned the disco on, I knew it was me he wanted so threw out the anchor and stopped right behind him.

    I explained why I did what I did and his response was "speeding is speeding".
    He wasn't interested in the slightest in the front car speeding up and slowing down.
    He booked me for 145 in a 100 (5km under the immediate loss of licence limit).
  8. Courtesy, yes, responsibility, no. Maybe he didn't want to get stuck behind you on the straights.
  9. Straight line heros piss me off too, but its the people in deadmans post that really get me fired up. When was the last time anyone ever heard of someone being pulled over or fined for not keeping left? Why did the cop pick on deadman for speeding eventhough he saw the other two come up the hill clearly not overtaking but holding up other traffic?
  10. I'll concede the courtesy point. But as I said, he would have only been stuck behind me on the straight that I overtook on. After that I would have been gone.
  11. Don't know about NZ but in Australia it's illegal to increase your speed until the car overtaking you is well ahead.

    Not that they ever enforce it though. They're too obsessed with speeding as the root of all evil to worry about all the incompetent/inconsiderate drivers on the road who continue to go on thinking they're brilliant simply because they've never been booked for anything.
  12. Well maybe he did just have a tiny wang then, an "angry inch" as it were.
  13. Had one of these on the Whitfield road a few days ago. Grandpa in a Statesman was giving it plenty until we got to the section near the power line. Then, slows down, I'm guessing for a looksee at the view - OK fair enough for a few seconds but this goes on and on. He gets a tailback of about 4 cars and 4 bikes and decides to get the shits and drags everyone down to - I kid you not - about 10kmh.
    As soon as one of the cars tries to get past (double lines) he speeds up and straddles the doubles lines to block it, then slows back down to 10kmh.
    Eventually the bikes thread their way through and double-feint him to get around. The cars are probably still up there trying to get home.
    F$%^n lunatic.
  14. Another Hedwig fan? Great movie, and I'm sorry I missed the stageshow when it was in town...
  15. I had one towing a boat down the Melba Hwy from Yea to Yarra Glen on Sunday. Probably coming back from Eildon as there is lots of water and boats up there at the moment.

    Same old story. 80 km/h on all the nice fast corners, slower on tighter corners, 100 Km/h on all straights, and on all overtaking lanes, even if they had corners. It looked totally deliberate, and I suspected either a young male, or some middle aged guy who didn't like to be overtaken.

    Nope. When I got to my Yarra Glen turn-off at the round about, I came up beside the driver, and it was a young woman probably in her mid twenties. She appeared to have absolutely no idea I was next to her approaching the two lane roundabout. So I got out of there before she crossed into my lane to go straight through the roundabout. I concluded that she had no idea what she was doing speed wise on the Hwy, and was just going fast when she felt she could.

    It was a busy weekend with lots of traffic, and there were speed cameras on the Hwy, in sneaky locations. No way I was going to risk points or my license for that idiot.

    Those sorts of drivers are far more scary than the ones that deliberately try to keep you behind, because you never know what they will do.
  16. Statemans have taken the top spot in my list of bad drivers.

    I have experienced a good driver of;
    • Falcon
    • Commodore
    • Camry (it happened once)

    But I have yet to experience a "good" Statesman driver.
    They've all driven like crazy bastards.
    (granted, I've only seen about 10)
  17. SQUID thread ! Ah yes, you were speeding but you were "doing it safely and in your comfort/skill zone". Bollocks ! You broke the law so suck it up and stop moaning like spoiled little squiddies. Retards.
  18. Hama do you even know what a squid is?
    Never have I witnessed such a blatant mis-use of the term.
    Do you even ride a bike?

    btw quit abusing people or have a holiday.
  19. that was unexpected

    Edit: dammit smee, you're fast

  20. oddly enough check this idiots pic in her profile


    Keep it up hama, we are all laughing at you