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Straight line hero!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by UDLOSE, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. I'm on the old road, I catch up to a guy who looks like a tourer (dryriders on a daytona 955 i think). He's speeding a little on the straights but i was virtually running up the back of him mid corner. I reckon he thought he was fast, his side stand was only centermeters from scraping but he was taking shit lines and wasn't moving his body.

    After I few corners I got jack of it and went for the overtake on a straight (as I'd done to numerous people before him). I knocked it back to 1st to be safe I was giving it everything it had and the jerk decided to drag me (675 vs 955)! We're fastly approaching a 45k corner side by side at WOT. I figured that I'm on the wrong side of the road, I've clearly commited to it I have to see it through but he wasn't giving me much/any room. I ended up just forcing myself into his lane, braking insanely hard and barely making the corner. It was seriously dangerous sh1t. If he haddn't put up a massive fight it would have been a very clean move.

    I take the next 2 corners badly because I'm really shaken up all sorts of stuff going through my head (this guy nearly killed me, how do I get my revenge etc). We get to another straight im doing 30 over to try and open up a gap and he's sitting up my ass trying to intimidate me. I started thinking that was a bad idea and maybe this guy is actually fast and now I'm slowing him down.. I calmed myself down got to the next set of bends and I got back to into my rythem. I looked back after 10-15 secs and he was long gone :cheeky: I stopped at PITS and he went past about 2-3 minutes later. He looked across and death stared me, he obviously thinks I'm a hero and he did nothing wrong.

    If that guys on this forum hang your head in shame you dog. Go back to the freeway and you can be king shit there!

    You guys are probably going to flame me and call me a hero etc but I'm a strong beliver in "ride your own ride". I was riding mine and he was riding his until I came up behind him then his big ego swelled up.
  2. UDLOSE, you seem to be under the misapprehension that being able to ride has something to do with skill…
    Haven’t you heard that all you need to be able to ride is a big ego and straight line speed.
    How dare you overtake this clearly superior ego :p
  3. Sounds like you did exactly the WRONG thing in that situation. Hung out to dry on the wrong side and you decide to see the pass through????? I mean, really. Proving the point isn't worth your life. Button off, pull in behind and wait for another opportunity.

    Your post makes you sound like a worse rider than the one you are complaining about..
  4. Only criticism I have for you is for thinking about revenge when you should have been concentrating on getting/staying safe :p.

    Anyway, yeah, he definitely sounds like an idiot, plain and simple. If someone catches up to me, then wants to pass... I'm not gunna try to stop him. There is (generally speaking) no god-damned point in doing so.

    EDIT: Though, as rc points out, there is stuff you should have done better (if you could see the turn coming, and that the bloke wasn't going to let you past...). But I'll give you some slack, heat of the moment and everything :shrug:.
  5. Sounds like the guy thought he was top shit and didn't want to lose face. [-(

    I've had plenty of cars gun it try to avoid being overtaken (good luck with that ;) ) but not really bikes.. except for about 500 harley riding 4th reich douchebags.
  6. He didn't make you do all that stupid shit; if you want to race, get off the road, no?
  7. If you didn't try to overtake him you wouldn't have put yourself in that dangerous situation.
  8. Been there,for 1 thing going 30 over up there is nuts.Every time I ride it and thats a lot there are unmarked cars everywhere,so I try and stay close to the limit,the 80kph end you can still have some fun with minum licanse risk,that is if you dont have some lun pass you well over the limit on the straight bits only to wobble around the 35k corners at 35ks.Most of the time I wave anyone behind who has come up quick through,I will even pull over and give them time to clear out,you pass some people and its on for young and old and I have zero interst in dicing with strangers.BTW on Sunday there was a lime green unmarked car crusing the Pie in the Sky car park checking out rear tyres and number plates,he ended up having a long chat with an older bloke in a 955 Triumph,poor bloke,they love the long chat.
  9. Seriously, anybody who knows anything about riding in and around Sydney knows that the worst place to try anything fancy is the Old Road, as you have pointed out.
  10. Oh come on nanny crowd back it up a little.
    Yeah he tried to push a little to get past, but the straight line hero then turned what should have been a safe pass into a nasty situation.
    Yep it may have been a bit of a bad judgment call to push that late and hard, but sticking the boot into the OP is a bit harsh.
    If the hero had paid any attention to his mirrors and/or put his ego on hold, then they both would have had nice comfortable rides at there own pace.
  11. OP sounds like he has a bit of an ego issue too.

    Wait your turn bud not everyone wants to push it dangerously in the corners all the time.

    Overtaking dangerously aint the way to do it. Wait till you have enough space to get it done without an issue.
  12. I think you guys missed the part where I said he pinned to to wide open throttle while I was passing him to stop me from passing him. As in he waited for me to get next to him and flattened it knowing that because he has a bigger bike he could stop me. That is a C*NT ACT.

    Of course I thought about backing off and coming back in but what happens when he backs off at the same time (which is highly probable)? Your end up spending even more time side by side.

    If he didn't block me i'd have pulled in with 100+m to spare and would not have had to even brake for the corner.

    I DID "wait my turn" I sat back and let him ruin my run for about a minute until a aceptable passing opertunity came up.

    Zim: This was yesterday (sunday) and the guy was on a 955. That would have been the guy for sure. Did the cops ream him?? =D> How old was this guy do u reckon?
  13. i am normally pretty careful around other riders and try never to over take in a turn, but these types of riders if they won't let me past in the straight line where it's safe i will just pass them in the turn, i even have once or twice when i lost my cool stood the bike up mid turn to push them wide
  14. Sorry, the "explanation" doesn't wash.
  15. Wow, clash of the GP heroes vs the straight line heroes. :shock:

    I avoid other riders, traffic, and humans in general because of this. I want to practice corners at my own pace.
  16. Absolutely. On MY favourite patch, Macquarie Pass, there are always GP heroes, especially on the weekends. Then there are the ever-present trucks, cars towing caravans and other types of mobile chicanes.

    Unless I am in a hurry for a legitimate reason (appt, whatever), I'll pull over to the side, wait for the traffic to clear and then head off again.

    More fun and no chance of getting sucked into a "dice" with someone that could have fatal consequences.

    RIDING 101: There is ALWAYS someone who is faster than you. :)
  17. Udlose, I reckon you put yourself in danger. You were on the OUTSIDE line coming to a tight corner with a guy who couldn't corner on your INSIDE... you had every chance of him not making the corner and taking you out.

    The trick with straight line heroes is to carry the better corner speed and take them on the exit of a suitable corner... or do a Stewy (coz you can pick the better line) and over/under take them.. hehehe.

    I agree with you totally, that SLP's (straight line pilots) are very very frustrating.
  18. Doesn’t wash for you.
    Want to back your call?
    I agree he made a rash call, but I can see how it can happen.
    I have had straight liners pull the same crap on me. I chose to roll of and take em on an other corner.
    But I can see how it can happen.
  19. is it worth making such a call that can have detrimental consequences? I don't think so. better be patient.
  20. Zim: This was yesterday (sunday) and the guy was on a 955. That would have been the guy for sure. Did the cops ream him?? =D> How old was this guy do u reckon?[/QUOTE]
    This happened on Saturday maybe at 130pm,very tidy bike,the bloke was my age 50ish,no paperwork looked to be done but a long chat with the cop on his computer for a good 15 minutes,with everyone at the Pie in the Sky watching closely,the cop then drove slowly past the rest of the bikes there checking them and then sat at the Sydney end of the car park for another 15mins watching the road.We did the North of Wisemans Ferry river road on Sunday and also came home via the Old Rd,there was 3 or 4 Hyway Patrol cars parked near the railway tracks half way between Cowan and the Pie in the Sky on Sunday all looking intently into the bush along the tracks,good to see them busy and not cruising