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Straight from a 4 year old and TAC attitudes.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by chicken78, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. So I braved out the family bbq, knowing full well a relative who works for TAC would be in fine form.

    Usual conversation with this one particular relo, always ends up getting back to "hoons" what defines a hoon, their behaviours, attitudes and perceptions. Basically to sum this person up - He defines a hoon merely by bike/car they own...period.

    Trying to avoid these conversation as you just end up going around in circles with this self confessed guru, i walked past the room only to hear "Motorcycling regos should be doubled, they cost too much money with road trauma etc, or better yet take them off the road as everyone of them is a brainless wanker with no F%%%%n idea"

    I was just about to rebut his comment when my 4 year old nephew(whose dad is also a motorcyclist), bless his cotton socks comes out with "My dad says your old, and fat and make more rules than my mum...so uncle ##### you suck!" Picked up his matchbox cars and walked out the room. I think his dad has some explaining to do.

    High 5 to my little man.
  2. hahahahah...that's awesome
  3. From the mouths of babes and sucklings ........
  4. Seconded - keep this little one close...
  5. That's brilliant!!! I have made him an honorary member of The Brotherhood of The Hoon.

    I'd like to go to a TAC bbq one day, they sound like fun :D
  6. Get outta my head!
    I was thinking of the spectacle of a bunch of us being invited to Chickie's next BBQ...
  7. Got to hate those family BBQ's.
    Mine are plod,fed and customs. Good thing I have thick skin. Smart ass motherfarkendipshits.
    I rarely drink, but family BBQ's I get spastic. :)
  8. I sympathise with you. Family weddings its a case of us and them..Coppers, TAC and throw the vicroads engineer(I kid you not!!) and their is us group of angels :D motorcyclists, dirtbikers, car racers and general lunatics. Family weddings are GREAT! :cheeky:
  9. I would have high fived the kid in front of the public servant twat!
  10. Well played little man and they say kids don't lie.

    Count me for the next BBQ or wedding as well Chicken it sounds like fun.
  11. LMAO thanks luke ;)

    Was great to catch up yesterday, fantastic ride.
  12. awesome kid and great story!
  13. that story made my day. (y)

    +1 on the BBQ invite!!
  14. Ditto to both of those!

    I'm a bit tired today.
  15. Sounds like you need to get more bike fit mister! *gay smiley*

    4 seems to be the magic age. I got pulled up for speeding when my son was 4, cop gets my licence starts walking back to his car, the spawn yells out "leave my mum alone pig". NFI where he picked up that word, I'd never used that term.
  16. How can someone be so ****ed in the head? I don't understand this, the guy must have such little reasoning ability that it's a wonder he remembers to breathe.

    Side note: little kids rule, they love motorbikes. They get so happy when you give them a wave or a rev.
  17. I'm sure he's just towing the party line. They probably spend all day waxing lyrical about MC's and how they are the most terrible scourge on society every to have existed.
  18. Yeah I guess if you're told something all the time you don't think critically about it.
  19. You know I don't mind a motorcyclist having an opinion on motorcycling, but it really pisses me off when beigacrats start tellling us how dangerous it is ..your 4yr old nephew rocks ..