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Straight Back in the Deep End

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Colonel Coleman, May 1, 2016.

  1. After growing up and having a life that revolved around motorcycles and vowing it would never happen to me, I did that thing where you meet a girl, have kids and suddenly it's 20 years later and you one day wonder why you haven't been riding a bike for that whole time. So, I decided to do something about it.......

    20 years ago, bikes were great, racing was awesome, but Mr Plod was becoming a killjoy on the road (we were actually being quite stupid upon reflection, more about that later) but these days, they seem hellbent on locking you up and raping you for everything you own, so I decided if I am going to ride again, I better create an outlet for the fun bit. I don't really have the desire to ride like we used to on the road anymore, nor could I see myself riding straight boring roads on a self-destructing couch or tripping around the country in essentially your living room, so it only left me 1 option to give me my monthly dose of endorphin release and that was to just go Road Racing. So that's what I have done.

    I was never without a bike, I just didn't have them on the road, and never road them. I had these 3 sitting in the shed waiting patiently for the day I would again pay them some attention.

    1967 Bultaco Sherpa T

    1981 RD350LC

    1986 Moto Guzzi V65SP covered with Agostini Parts

    Now unfortunately after 20 years, they are not in that condition, so to cure my fix, I just went out and bought some race bikes. This actually led me to joining up here, as I bought a bike featured on this forum. I chose to race mid sized 4 strokes for cost, and something I could race club as well as historics, so settled on the tried and true VFR400's and RVF400. I managed to pick up a RVF track bike from Adelaide, Phongus' VFR400 from Melbourne and a spare VFR400 up here in Brisbane in road trim and sourced some major parts from around the country. I was also then given another VFR400 in road trim by a mate. So with something to ride sorted out, it was time to get on them and ride.

    In my subsequent time away from bikes, I can count the number of times I have thrown my leg over a bike, which is 5, and of those times, 1 was for longer than 20 minutes, so it was with a little trepidation my first day back on a bike was a track day at Lakeside last December. One thing in my favour is, I love Lakeside, as I know it like the back of my hand from my involvement in racing last century, so it didn't take long to get rid of the nerves and be putting the hammer down. Just like riding a bike :) I managed to fit in a second day the same month and improved my riding immensely. Only 1 more day in January on a different bike was all I had to prepare me for entry into Round 1 of the Southern Downs Road Racing series at Morgan Park in February, as i don't even have anything on the road at the moment (That will be rectified next week)

    I booked in for the coaching day on the Thursday before round 1 to familiarise myself with the circuit and to get any glaring riding problems taken care of, then the track day to consolidate the teachings. 2 more days followed of qualifying and racing for my Born Again Baptism of Fire.

    If you have ever had the thought of wanting to race, just do it. Track days are so boring compared to racing, and no ego rubbish, as all the times and positions are there in black and white for everyone to see. Your competitors only want to help you go faster so they can race you and far less people crashing or riding like tools.

    After 2 rounds of racing, I am currently 17th in SDRRS Formula 4, 11th in the Queensland Championship in Formula 3 and 9th in the SDRRS in Formula 4.

    Get out there and do it.








    If I can do it, You can too.

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  2. Welcome back to riding. As much as I would like to go racing, I am too old and am just lucky enough to still be able be riding. I have day's where I can't even get on a bike.
  3. Bloody brilliant mate! Thanks for sharing.

    Many moons ago I also had an RD350LC and upon reflection never did ANYTHING stupid on that.......:whistle:

    I have thought much and hard about racing. I hate threads like these, does nothing for my self control!
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  4. Wow, awesome read! :cool:
  5. Fabulous write up Colonel!....thanks for sharing your story :)
  6. Wow and welcome! :)

    And here are guys telling chicks that they don't need multiple pairs of shoes....you blokes just get more expensive 'shoes', that's all!! That's a lot of bikes lol
  7. N + 1 being the correct number of bikes to own.....
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  8. Wow..Awesome stuff.

    Welcome back to the world of motorbikes...
  9. Thank-you to everyone.

    This was all done with literally no money. Everything you see is from either Gumtree, eBay or off a mate. I will try to update my progress as I go, but as experience on forums has taught me previously, the more time on the computer, the less I get done or use my toys. Until I add some more in you can get the story of the journey and keep up to date on Facey.

    Colonel Coleman Racing

    I hope to do a write up of the journey if it is wanted including costs and how I went about it. It just may take some time and be sporadic.

    2012 CBR100RR for the road comes Tuesday.

  10. For a minute there I thought we were having a visit from an old seventies road racer......
  11. #11 Colonel Coleman, May 1, 2016
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    Well I was born in the 70's :)

    Here, have an onboard video.

    This video is from my 2nd and last race meet to date, second last race of the meet. I had stuffed up my grid position starting the entire weekend starting 1 complete row rearward of where I was supposed to be. In this vid, I chase down and pass a competitor I had been chasing, setting my fastest ever lap of Morgan Park. In my first race meet I managed to improve by 10sec/lap and in this meeting I shaved another 4sec/lap.

    I am hoping next meeting in 2 weeks time I can drop another 2+ which will put me mid pack and in the thick of the action. Enjoy.

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  12. welcome aboard :) and welcome back nice bikes
  13. So...... Do you still have the Yamaha RD????????
  14. Yes I do. I haven't decided whether I am going to road it again, P5 race it or both. It is completely orig, so I don't want to chop it, but, you can't enjoy it properly on the road. Might just keep it stockish, but fit and remove road gear as required.
    I nipped it up one day between Mt Tambourine and Beenleigh at 190kph chasing 3 guys on 1st gen 900 Fireblades. 150m fishy before I got the clutch in and wobbled off to the side of the road. 15 mins to cool and all good :)
    Best lap of Lakeside on it was 1:13 something in full road trim including mirrors on Pirelli MT65's (which are still on it). With flat style bars and no fairing, on the tight, twisty and bumpy roads of Tambourine, O'Rielly's, Nebo, Beechmont and Mt Mee it was nearly untouchable. And wheelie :) In fact, the stupidity done on this bike is why I bought the Moto Guzzi, to slow down and a bit.
    I still have the first 3 bikes pictured, plus the 4 race bikes and the CBR1000RR coming Tuesday. I have around a dozen Land Rovers to clear out first before starting on the good bikes.

    I regret selling my '71 CB750K2. It had an 836cc Arias Kit with a 4 into 1. I wish I still had it to P4 race it.

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  15. Dude...

    8 bikes??

  16. My name is CC. I'm a collect-a-holic. Once I flick all the Landy's off, there is room for more.

    I collect nearly everything. I actually have a serious Bower Bird issue :0

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  17. If you can afford it - go for it!!! :D
  18. gday Colonel ColemanColonel Coleman welcome to NR!

    you have joined the forum and returned to riding with a bang that's for sure. looking forward to hearing more of your two wheeled exploits. me=envious