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Storm weather riding help

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Oldmaid, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. So Sydney weather at present -real noice for the garden-but what do you do when the heavens actually tip the big bucket straight down on you like Wednesday in Sydney please??? Fire and brimstone scaring the crapola out of me every now and again as well...

    Should one shelter under a bridge on the M2, hang on tight and invent new swear words involving mothers and genitals or, get off the M2and sit it out somewhere dry?

    Looks like this weather will be plaguing both my hair and riding for a time yet so any advice is really appreciated.

  2. If it's hail get under shelter as quickly as you can, apart form the hail hitting you it can ruin your tyre's grip on the road.

    If it's wet, focus on longer braking distances and be as smooth as you can be with your inputs/control of the bike, also use more rear brake than normal.

    If in any doubt wait it out, no point putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

    Consider investing in decent quality wet weather gear, generally the gore tex stuff is the only proper waterproof stuff.

    I can't offer any advice re. hair as I don't have any.
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  3. I wouldn't stop under an overpass on the M2 in poor visibility unless you want to end up under the wheels of some drugged up driver of a tipper and dog.

    Ride to the conditions or if it becomes or looks like you might get in over your head exit the motorway and take shelter in a servo.
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  4. now that i have 2 bikes and a broken down van im finding i much prefer the dr650 in the rain than the xvs650. The extra weight with the cruiser makes me a little nervous still.
    Im going for a 2 day ride this weekend rain, hail or shine on the cruiser so i may get over it by monday
  5. Relax. Be smooth, look out for anything metal/slippery and don't panic if/when a tyre steps out slightly. Rain is kinda fun sometimes if a bit inconvenient, it doesn't worry me much... well it wouldn't if more cagers knew how to behave in it. As far as hair goes mine is shoulder length and seem to behave well enough so no advice there I'm afraid.
  6. When I commuted to work on an XVS1100 I would get not only very wet but absolutely filthy, with your legs stretched out to the forward controls the front wheel kicks up water and road grime all over your lower legs.

    Much prefer a faired bike these days.
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  7. Also stay out of the middle of your lane as all the oil will be on the road especially after the first few hours of raining.

    Best is to practice riding in wet weather moderate to low rain conditions on familiar roads not too far from home.

    One day that you get stuck in a wet weather situation you will be glad you have had some experience.

    Personally I have been riding in all conditions as my mode of transport was a bike for the past 2 years.

    Relax and only stop at a petrol station or similar cover if it indeed is hailing or pouring down
  8. So copped it again today but felt less unco. The one thing I have come to hate on hot or wet roads are what I call tar snakes- crazy joins that go soft in the heat but I found today that they are slippery suckers in the wet!
    My boots stayed nice and dry but my jacket didn't fare so good- time to get some fair dinkum wet weather gear. Should I just go for raincoaty, slide on pants and jacket that I can easily stow or something more substantive pls?
    Cheers dears:troll:
  9. Simple rain jacket and pants large enough to go over your bike gear works well and takes up minimal space. Also works well in cold windy conditions.
  10. Yes go for slip on pants and jacket. Much easier to use when needed and not bulky. Cheap to around $40-$60 for both.

    RJays are cheapest and make sure you try firm with the gear on in store so there are no disappointments.

    I have the same wet weather gear that I have been using for years

  11. Thank you! Stay dry and hope you get some rides in this weekend!:troll:
  12. Also make sure that whatever gear you have it is very tight at the collar area or use a scarf, nothing worse than water running off the helmet and running straight down your back.