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storm-affected netriders?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kezza01, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. hey all, given that monitoring extreme weather conditions has become part of my new job, i've been watching the storms down south that have been happening.

    and i've just been wondering - how have all you southern guys come out of it?

    anything needed from us guys up here to help out?
  2. You've got a good heart kezza. Should be more like you around.
    I need waterproof gloves but I'll sort that out. (I know thats not what you were asking)
  3. aw gee.... :oops:

    from what i've been hearing from the crews we've activated from up here, waterproof gloves alone just won't cut it 2wheels...... :grin:

    and i'm guessin they'd also need to be heated too?
  4. Nar I'm no sook! No heated grips for me.........Just getting the gloves dry for the next day is a problem. After a couple of days in the rain they get wet inside. I love my Joe Rockets. Just need another pair so I dont have to wear them every day and give them a chance to dry out.
    My Nordic 4 jacket is the ants pants and the fairing on the RF pretty much keeps my legs dry. (from the rain we have here anyway)
  5. hey kezza, thanks for your thoughts.

    The rain hasn't been so much of a problem (even though it has belted down and our dam has now gone from about 30% to 50% capacity in two weeks) but the winds have created havoc.

    I have heaps of trees down in our area and we have suffered prolonged black outs and our beaches are getting smashed!

    Still I cannot complain too much as the Hunter region (newcastle areas) got blasted!!!

    They are saying it has been a 1 in 50 year storms.

    It was interesting watching the low develop and charge down from the north. I bet you banana benders sent it anyway!!! :LOL:

    thanks again,

  6. well, i for one certainly didn't want another larry!

    and after spending an hour riding down the motorway from caloundra in 100k + winds last night.......we'll keep the rain, you can have the wind....


    glad you're ok