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Storing your riding equipment with your bike with no lockable box

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ad91on, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Ever since i've swapped over from the Across (aka handbag) i've begun to realized how ****ing good i had it with that thing. Nice big boot which can fit full wet weather gear AND leather jacket; helmet with other stuff, my own backpack plus the missus' handbag (if i had one, which i did at one stage, so i did test it :D) etc etc.

    The ****ING viffer doesn't have a handbag. It has a helmet lock.

    Lugging a bright white leather jacket between classes as uni is a real shit. Takes up heaps of room, shoved in a back pack it is bulky and the armour goes all out of wack not to mention not being able to get to any of my other stuff because the jacket is taking up all the room.

    Same with boots; i've yet to find a good compromise between comfort and safety without bringing a whole different pair of shoes. Where the hell would i stash my massive sidis? My work steel blues are a good compromise but then i have to take them too and from work too... pain in the ass.

    So my question to my fellow netriders is this:

    (and i've seen another thread on here about this but it was about 5 years ago).

    How would you secure your jacket to your bike in this day and age? I have a tank/tail bag i could use to help secure it; however, it itself is not secure.

    Further, any conceivable way of securing boots to a bike? Don't think i would but am interested to hear peoples theories.

    So far the cable through the arms and lock to the bike is looking pretty good. But has anyone got a more novel suggestion?

  2. viffers can have panniers? expensive I believe.. Rack n bag [venture etc] can be chained/cabled to bike however only recently one of our fellow riders lost bag [that was secured to the bike/rack] lost bag and all his riding gear while leaving the bike atthe airport, following a woman lost her bike same spot! So to answer your question, you'd have to ask, how secure is your bike when left unattended? Cause you could do rack n bag and cable it to the bike!! But if it is 'out of sight out of mind' you might get a wanker that might find it a 'challenge' to dislodge your goods.
    Good luck in what you decide, I hear you abou tbulky gear, I drag textile stuff daily in a bag and have the helmet on top oy my bag under my desk at work, pain in the arse!!
  3. I once parked my bike in the city at day time (busy), didn't want to wear my jacket around (too hot when not on the bike) so I just borrowed a security wire and padlock from work, put it through the sleeves and the pillion grab handles of the bike. Not expensive to get a security cable and padlock but it would be a major PITA to use it all the time.
    As for the boots, without drilling a hole through them, no real way to secure them to the bike without some kind of lockable box.
  4. Can't you get a locker at uni? They were available when I went, altho that was years ago (Monash).
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  5. Yah that pacsafe stuff looks the biz!!!

    Should have mentioned, tried getting a rack/top box/bag but they don't make one, rather unsurprisingly, for the grey-import 88 vfr400... the guy at MCAS looked at me and was like... bro, what the hell is wrong with you? and talked me out of it anyway :p

    Budget is a bit tight for pacsafe... i think cabling will have to do for now!

    And yes lockers are available at uni, but then i have to go to the locker and then to class and god it's just all too much for poor little me to handle.
  6. Genius!

    Those Pacsafe sacks look pretty good.
  7. Mate, get there earlier and use the locker!! what if some wanker slices your jacket?
  8. I will ****ing kill them.
  9. Simple, wear it or squid it. Your choice. :)

    Ahhh, it's the colour that's the issue. To be creditable as a biker dude and look cool at uni in order to impress the girls, you'll need to recolour the jacket in a nice shade of bug splatter grey and maybe add a few scuff marks to show them that you're tuff as well as fashionable.(y)

    Otherwise you could get shit gear that no-one would steal and just leave it with the bike, or duct tape a shovel to the bike so you can burry your gear while you're in lectures. Or that locker idea was good. :)
  10. Genius.
  11. I should clarrify by posting in English..... To keep your gear secure you need to either wear it to lectures or leave it at home. The fist option is fool proof, the second is the next safest.
  12. I just wear my jacket at uni, and boots. I have Thomas Cook "Racing" boots and they're ok to wear around, I don't think they make them any more though. I put the jacket on the floor or in the seat next to me in lectures.

    Have you tried walking around with your boots undone, or loose?

    Chaining the jacket to the bike can work unless you're worried about vandalism or rain.

    Most uni's do have lockers available, mine has them for free.
  13. hire an indian student to guard your bike.
    very cheap. like 2 dollars a day maybe....

    nah, i'm joking. for 2 dollars you could buy at least 10 indians
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  14. that was sad mate!
  15. How do you guys manage to outdo yourselves every time with your brilliant ideas?

    And why would I get 10th Indians for 2 dollars when I could get a similar amount of asylum seekers?
  16. The security cable is what I use, I bought a retractable computer security cable from Bunnings for around $40, it goes throught the sleeves of my jacket and also secures my helmet. When I'm not using it, it fits in my jacket pocket.

    As for boots, If I'm doing a lot of walking I go the Thomas Cooke option too
  17. If you don't wear your jacket to class, how will the girls know how much of a bad-ass you are?

  18. I know how much of a hassle this can be ad91on.

    Goddie's suggestion makes the most sense - arrive a bit earlier, stash the gear in a locker.

    God only knows what might happen to your gear if it's left attached to the bike. You don't want someone messing with your gear, damaging it or stealing it - that's potentially just as costly as buying a top box.

    Bite the bullet and go the locker option, then you won't need to worry about whether your gear is safe.