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Storing my bike for 5-6 months

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jmnug2, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,
    I'll be living in malaysia for the next 5-6 months so I was just wondering whether or not it is neccesary to lube the cylinders for this period of storage?
    I ride a CBR 600RR and it's a pain in the ass to get to the plugs so I would really like to not bother if it isn't going to be beneficial.
    I may be able to keep my bike in our inside workshop area which would stop it form experiencing the extremes of melbourne winter.


  2. Generally the rules are something along the lines of,
    fill the tank - i think turn off the fuel tap
    Take out a the spark plugs and pour a teaspoon of oil down each hole and replace the plugs.
    Cover the bike.
    Unplug the battery.

    If theres a chance it will get a water build up lubing the chain before the storage wouldn't be a bad it.

    When you get back to the bike give it a once over, chain slack, fuel lines, battery etc.

    Give it a good warm up before you ride it anywhere.

    EDIT: your plugs aren't that hard to find. here's a link to a site that sells them
    Model IMR9C-9H less then $5 each.

    Or send it up this way, I will make sure it isn't left to long without use (no more then 24 hours between each ride, promise)
  3. This is what is recommended for the Suzuki C50>

  4. That's a nice guide.
  5. It isn't finding the spark plugs that is the problem. It's just a pain in the bum to pull off the radiator to get to them. I'll stop being lazy and just do it. But is it really neccecary to replace the oil. I replaced my oil and filter like a month ago so I'm not too keen to pay $70 to do it again.
  6. Much of the storage stuff relates to US and their extreme winters - not that Melbourne is that far off :wink:

    Rather than an oil change, woUld be investing in dry storage and a good cover.

    And fill the tank up with fuel - you don't want any moisture buliding up in there.

    And lastly disconnect battery

    Am sure bike'll be fine for six months and safe travels
  7. get someone to start her up every now and then for you
  8. I've heard that starting her up could do more harm than good unless she goes out fo a ride. I don't know anyone that is capable of that, all my mates that have bikes are still riding smaller ones.
  9. you could always just vacuum wrap the damn thing. Pull the ignition fuse and crank the bike over a few times to relube verything before firing er up.