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Storing bike while O/S for 5 months

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by kolaemcee, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm going overseas next Friday for 5 months (lucky me!) and I've been thinking about how to make sure my bike ('06 GS500F) stays in good nick while I'm gone. I'll be leaving it at my stepdad's under cover, either a bike cover or his backyard shack (if I can fit it through the door!).

    Draining the fuel is obviously a no-brainer. I'm gonna give the battery to a mate who will trickle charge it every now and then to keep it alive and well.

    Questions I have are...

    1) Should I drain the oil? I would think keeping the oil in would be a good idea, as I'm imagining it'd keep the inside all lubed up and oil doesn't really deteriorate and gunk up like petrol does.

    2) Should I remove the chain, and make sure it gets sprayed with a bit of lube every now and then even though it won't be in use?

    3) Is a squirt of WD40 every now and then a good way to keep the bike from rusting up?

    Please let me know if there's anything else I've missed. Hopefully the bike will be good as I left it once I come back in February for some decent summer riding.



  2. I left mine for 5 months while I was in Europe. Had it on a trickle charger (battery still in bike), put a cover on it even though it was in a garage, and over inflated the tyres (think to about 42 or 45). Had a rear stand so I put the rear up and put wood under the front tyre rather than let it rest on concrete. (had a problem with the front stand I had and couldn't use it. the forks on the er6 are different lengths and I needed a headstand). Changed the oil just before I left.
    Bike started first time when I came back, checked the tyres and off I went.

    PS I saw in their catalogue that supacheap now sell petrol stabiliser. Would have used it if I could have found it.
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  4. Also moved this to a more appropriate forum.
    Laziness will not be tolerated guys!!!
  5. look at the number of posts the op has guys....... sheeeeshh hes new around here, give him a break

  6. Scratch that. Wrote a reply but noticed somone gave you the appropriate thread links. I'll add one thing though:

    For fuel, I would fill the tank to the brim. Yes, fill the tank. An empty tank is a rusty tank. Fill it right up, turn the petcock to 'off', and then drain the carburettors (single central bolt under each carbys bowl). Top the full tank with fuel stabiliser if you wish, otherwise don't worry.

    The bike should run well enough on the fuel when you get back, but if you are paranoid then you can certainly drain the tank and put it into your car or use for lawnmowers etc.

    Cheers - boingk
  7. Alright fellas, sheesh. Fair enough, should have searched and will do so in the future, but no need for the harsh words! And it wasn't laziness, I didn't know what forum to put it in.

    Anyway, thanks for the links and advice, appreciated. boingk, never thought about the possibility of a rusty tank. I'll keep that in mind, cheers.
  8. Dont worry mate, theres just a bit of a war on threads posted on common/bsic issue and 'thread dumping', otherwise known as not posting in the appropriate forum. No personal stuff, don't worry. Least you'll know to search in future though, hey?

    Have a good one - boingk