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Storing a bike for 6 weeks, any tips?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Cell9765, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. G'day,

    Am leaving town for 5-6 weeks and as much as i would love to leave on the bike, the car gets the vote. My question is are there any tips that people have that will allow me to store it best. It's to be locked up in a garage with a full tank of petrol. I was thinking to disconnect the battery but am not sure if i should or not.

    Any advice would be choice.
  2. disconnect the battery for sure, but i dont think theres anything else to worry about for a 6 week trip....
  3. I left my bike for 7 weeks with no prep done beforehand.
    It was in a locked garage, got back from my holiday and it started first go!
  4. For such a short period there isn't much of a need to do anything other than what was mentioned. However it won't hurt to pump the tyres up about 15-20psi higher than normal. This helps to stop the tyres flat spotting from sitting on the one bit of tyre for so long.
  5. A few years back, I went overseas for about 9 - 10 weeks. I put the bike in the garage, put the disc lock on and put the bike cover over it. And that's it. When I got back, with a tiny bit of encouragement, she kicked over happily. And we're still friends today. :grin:
  6. lock it up.
  7. Wouldn't drain any fluids or anything? Then you could give freshies when you got back???

    Don't know thats why i'm asking?
  8. not for 6 weeks....

    the tyres idea isn't bad either, popping on stands would do the same thing
  9. Thanks heaps.

    Am only new to this website but in the couple of months i have been watching and contributing (where i can) i have learnt more and found better support for getting into the game than i anywhere elese i have looked. thats awesome

    thanks again,
  10. there are a few netriders without bikes who could ride while you are away.
  11. ps, don't go above the maximum sidewall rating if you decide to add "15-20psi"
  12. Don't forget to turn the fuel tap to "off", if it has an off setting.
  13. yes... i second that notion lol
    and if u want i got a free spot in my garage to store and ride the bike
    keys must be left in my hand if u want to store at my house... no responsibilty for a bald rear tyre :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. I'd make sure the fuel tank is full, less chance of water condensing inside the tank if the weather gets cool.