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Storage on bike.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by dewy, May 22, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, looking at selling the car and upgrading the bike to something a little bigger while I work on servicing a lot of debt I was stupid enough to run myself up. Currently to carry personal affects I have been using a backpack which quite small and inadequate. So a bit of forward planning has been inquiring about what I can do. I am aware you can get the saddle bags which hang over each side, and then the top boxes. However I am still only a learner.

    So my question is, are these storage methods likely to affect my bikes handling, will it be harder to ride with them, what are the more waterproof options?

    If its going to be hard to ride with, does it take much to get used to?

    Thanks a lot for anyone who helps time.

  2. A top box is an excellent choice if you're doing without a car. 100% waterproof lockable and I could get a couple of bags of groceries in mine. Tail bags and saddle bags are still an option for even more luggage space but I would go the top box first

    The only thing a top box rules out - apart from good looks - is a rack system like Ventura. A rack let's you carry more than the top box tho I haven't used a Ventura rack yet. Hope that helps
  3. Not hard to ride with whatsoever. It's just a little extra weight. If you do get side panniers, obviously filtering might be harder - but that's about it.
  4. My bike (from the first day riding it on my L's) has had a Ventura rack and Aero Spada 4 bag. If you put the bag on forwards (over the seat) you barely notice it's there. I've done weekend trips with it and it can hold a lot of stuff.

    You notice when it is and isn't on the bike, but it's not too bad.
  5. This tailbag holds a fairbit, and is easily detached and carried. Goes for just under a $110. I love the ventura rack systems, but that will cost around $450 new, and seem kinda hard to find second hand (if anyone see one for a GS500F please let me know!)

    I have also just invested in some Oxford Panniers on special for around $100 delivered, still yet to test (damn rain), but these are more for long trips, and will be a couple minutes to remove from bike (remove seat, straps etc)
  6. Dumb question.....8-[
    For that price, is a "set" of Panniers or is that each?

  7. or alternatively, if you don't like the look to the top boxes or venture rack, sell your current bike and buy a Suzuki Across =D as it has its very own storage compartment what hits a helmet... great bike for commuting
  8. Thanks a lot for your help guys, I am currently in the process of trying to sell the motorbike so I can't really look for racks until I know what I am upgrading to.

    However that tail bag looks awesome, does anyone know if there is a water proof/resistant version of this?
  9. Finn, not a dumb question, it crossed my mind as well.

    They are sold as a pair/set for $87.95.

    Not sure if there are any waterproof tailbags that use a seat bra type system.
  10. Cheers Fangsta.
    I'll have to have chat with the accountant and get a set for the 650F.

    I currently use a Tank Bag, which is great but I'm concerned about scratches.
    Paniers would also make it a lot easier for me to commute (when it's warmer. I'm old & soft).
  11. Received my Oxford "First Time" Panniers (as per Fangsta's link) this morning.
    (thanks Mrs Finn)
    First impression, love 'em.
    I'm sure that in conjunction with the Tank bag, I could easily do a weekender.
    Can't wait to fit and test them.
    Will definately post a review.

    Thanks Fangsta for puting me on to them.