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Stopping in traffic

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by benj.d91, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. hey guys (and girls) this question isnt related to bikes but, today in the mail i received a $119 fine for stopping in a no standing zone...

    technically it was just behind some parked cars but i was in traffic and pulled over quickly to answer my phone (handsfree but i dont like driving and talking) anyway cut a long story short, i had the car in drive still and indicator was on the whole time... so is there any way i can get out of this?

    seeing as its my first ever fine and technically how would they know if i was pulling over to wait for a break in traffic to do a u-turn or something??

    Im pretty sure it was from a street camera.... It was on brunswick st in melbourne if that helps....

    thanks in advanced
  2. It's not no standing; it's no stopping and you stopped in it. Can't see how you can argue with it. It's unfortunate as it's one you're unlikely to be pinged on, except for selected streets in Foot-us-scray that have no-stopping cameras making a mint.

    No stopping: Do not stop
    No parking: 2 mins and don't be more than 3m from your car
  3. As above there is no such thing as no standing anymore, if it is no stopping you would have been causing a hazard which is why the fine is issued.
  4. Do they know the reason why you're stopping. I'd argue that you were stopping to remove a hazard (which is true if you believe the rubbish the government tells you about the dangers of phones while driving).
    There's things that negate the no standard zone sign. I'd use them.
  5. The answer would be "Don't answer the phone".

    You stopped in a No Stopping Zone and got pinged pure and simple.
  6. Just for my information... you mean a street surveillance camera?
    Or are there such things as parking cameras now?
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  8. take photos of all the plod when they stop in a "no stopping" to go buy their coffees and send that with your defence
  9. Answering a phone call isn't an emergency, next time ignore it.

    I'm getting sick of all the fools on the freeways that pull into the emergency stopping bays to take a call then pull out into a 110 zone casually and take off. it's a spectacle seeing a semi with 12 wheels locked up!
  10. If you took that to court they would just slap with a fine for using your phone while operating a motor vehicle anyway. As your keys were in the ignition, it is illegal to use your phone.

    Still, at least you had the presence of mind to pull over, unlike the majority of idiots out there.
  11. LOL

    cple of days ago in a right turning lane on a major rd some idiot decides to stop blocking all traffic. those coming upon the scene, like myself, had no idea what the **** was going on cus the numpty didn't use his hazards. casually he gets out of the car then back in and drives off like it was nothing.](*,)

    anyway, if you need to answer it, it is up to you to stop in an appropriate place.
  12. It's not illegal to be on the phone if you're using a handsfree solution. I'm assuming you didn't actually read the original post.
  13. Ah good pick up and fair enough. Even though I think it should be illegal anyway...