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NSW Stopping in Motorcycle Only Parking

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sowhat2131, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. RTA states:

    "You must not park your vehicle between these signs unless it is a motorcycle.

    However, you may stop to drop off or pick up passengers."

    There is a motorcycle parking only zone in a prime piece of parking real estate at the Coles Entrada in North Parramatta. So much so that many motorists of the four wheeled kind can not help themselves but park in or over this area, much to my dismay. Council has been round numerous time, dealing out tickets.

    I tell these drivers not to park there when I get the opportunity, but it seems the majority are either willfully ignorant or just plain rude. When the state has made provisions specifically for motorcycles, its a shame when you can't even access them. But it seems that stopping in a motorcycle parking zone is a little more vague.

    Which brings me to an incident tonight where I engaged in a 5 minutes conversation with a guy, in his car, waiting for his daughter to finish shopping. He took up almost the entire motorcycle parking zone and there was no room for me. As I pulled up to the side of his car and gestured to the sign, he told me "I'm legally allowed to stop here, as long as I want". As the conversation progressed his certainty as to what the law stated became progressively weak and we both agreed to double check the law before he moved off.

    My question is this: With such a vague stipulation as you may "stop to drop off or pick up passengers", is this driver correct in saying he could stay there was long as he wants. What even constitutes picking up or dropping off passengers? I'm assuming that dropping off your daughter to go do shopping for 10 minutes, doesn't fall under that category. Furthermore, aside from common sense, does the law stipulate that he should vacate the spot when I'm clearly indicating my intention to park? Just as you would move if someone needed to park into a driveway you were stopping across?
  2. no parking zone means 2 minutes stopping Parking

    here is the road rule, doesn't mention time, does say dropping off or picking up passengers,
    ROAD RULES 2014 - REG 202 Stopping on a road with motor bike parking sign

    "A driver (except the rider of a motor bike) must not stop on a length of road to which a motor bike parking sign applies, unless the driver is dropping off, or picking up, passengers."

    I'd interpret that to be if a passenger is not getting in or out, then they cannot stop.

    beeping horn until they move would probably just result in damage to your parked bike...
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  3. Thanks for the reply. It was a very friendly "toot, toot", nothing aggressive in it. Just the attitude I got was pretty unpleasant. This one spot is really convenient, so it's like a car magnet.
  4. people always have a bad attitude when they get caught doing something they know is wrong ;)

    they get even more pissed if you take a photo of them doing it :D
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  5. Oldcorollas pretty much summed it up. 2 minutes is the rule of thumb for parking areas and they must be setting down or picking up. Waiting does not cover it.
  6. You cannot stop your vehicle across a driveway unless you are dropping off or picking up passengers for not more than 2 minutes.

    That applies for Qld, NSW and Vic.

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  7. These idiots do not obey the disabled parking bays either. All too common a trend.
  8. Asking the parking owner to install a couple of bollards on the corners of the space, away from the kerb.
    That will allow motorcycles to still get in/out, but stop cars parking across it.
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  9. I reckon it will be either a RMS or council road so I doubt that will be happening.