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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Glennb, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. :D Ive started trying to do these and was wondering if anybody can give some tips on how to do them :twisted:
    Ive gotten the back wheel up a couple of times cos Ive felt this thud in the rear of the bike afer I stop but have no idea how long it was up for. Not long Im guessing.
    having a slightly lower tire pressure in the front tire help, giving more tread on the road??
    Also where should I place my weight? I been placing myself foward as possible but dont know if to be up high or low though?
    any other tip would be great :twisted:

  2. have a look at www.ozstuntbikes.com no doubt there'll be a tutorial there :D

    best tip i can think of, that tyre will want to be warm, a sliding front is no fun at all :shock: other than that, :?: i watch it all the time but barely ever attempt it, stunting just doesn't tickle my fancy at this point in time....
  3. 2001 posts, coco, welcome to the double-millennium club!
  4. Yeh, Ive found that a sliding front isnt too much fun . I find myself trying to do them coming up too a red light or stop sighn were there are few oil spots around. Probably not the smartest place to practice them.
  5. Ummm no that wouldnt be the smartest place... What makes you wanna practice stoppies at intersections :? ??? Maybe try an empty carpark or such :wink: ...
  6. Cos I get board, and Ill only do it if I can see that there is no traffic around. Not totally stupid :roll: :D
  7. Ummm ok... still sounds abit sketchy ay... Be careful dude :)
  8. Cheers. Im always scaring the hell out of my mate when we go riding he thinks Im going to go strait through the intersction,But I always pull well before it.
    I did find a car park near by the other day so think I might start practicing around their.
  9. Best way to do em is to get your weight as far forward as possible. Keep you arms locked straight. Ram your nuts up to the tank, grip REAL tight with you knees, and progressively but quickly and tightly squeeze the brake.

    Start slow at about 30-40km/h and do little ones to start with. Gradually make em higher and then from faster speeds. Eventually you'll get em rolling. If you're game enough that is. Dunno if I am yet.

    I've only really just started doing them, but here's a couple of my better ones:



    Remember to grip with your knees, if you don't the forward momentum of your body will continue after the bike lands. ie The bike will leave you behind. like this:



    If the front wheel locks, don't panic, just let go of the brake. I've had mine lock up a few times, I've just let go, and the bike just continued forward. Only once was there a mild tankslapper, but it sorted itself out in a few metres.

    Happy stoppying!
  10. I've done them after chasing the vanishing point over Lukey Heights and then heavily braking for MG at PI. :shock:
    Did it again two weeks. :LOL:
    This time more of a rolling stoppie with a bit of a front wheel skid. :wink:
  11. Thanks mcbigg, lots of fun arnt they. Hangen to get them rolling they just look so awsome.
  12. Howdy.

    The biggest things in my opinion are brake technique and good grip. The worn out sections of road at inersections are not the best for learning as the grip can be sketchy in some areas. Wait till you got it on lock before doing it around traffic. Industrial estates are much better, usually have good roads and are away from traffic on weekends. Also make sure your front has lots of tread and running about 28-30psi helps a little but isn't crucial.

    Going a little faster is actually much better when doing these. Most people make the mistake of doing them right at the end of the stopping cycle and just kinda throwing it up and droping it straight back down, this is where your most likely to drop your bike cos it becomes unbalanced as it comes to a complete stop, plus it looks gay. A much better way to learn is to set up your breaks around 60 and pop a small stoppie then go straight back down and keep going. Keep repeating this not worrying about height or distance but just doing it over and over. Before you know it you'll naturally get comfortable with the repetition and without thinking about it you'll be rolling them longer and higher. Another big helper is looking forward instead of down.

    Remember to wear your gear whilst learning and have fun!
  13. I'm no expert at them, but I can do small rolling stoppies.

    My tip is similar to what others have said.

    Grip the tank with your knees, lock your arms, and brake hard but progressivly. Just as your bike starts to dive under brakes lean forward, keeping your arms locked. The rear should come up a bit, lean harder as you get more comfortable with the feeling.

    [disclaimer] I in no way endorse this kind of behaviour nor am I liable for anyone following my tips. [/disclaimer] :D
  14. yeah, gear is good eh :wink: so are rear brakes :LOL:

    you doing anything with the crunchie or just waiting for funds etc? havn't even heard benny take to the streets recently :? i think he needs encouragement :D
  15. don't lock your arms you want to be in an aggressive motox type position with your elbows high and bent for extra strength

    do them from a decent speed from say 80kays and just wind on more brake each time you do a pass you have to be really really relaxed and comfortable becuase if you freak out you get tense it it works against you
    have you balls right up against the tank and just do them progressivley don't get stressed that you cant do them first time you'll end up with bad technique

    and practise them where the road surface is consistant you don't want to go from a non sticky spot then grab on some supper grippy stuff
  16. Yeah Bens such a slack b*#$. He hasn't practiced since my crash.
    I've organised some parts and have a couple more to go so shouldnt be too much longer. Was kinda good taking a small break after the amount of hours we've been putting in recently but now I'm getting itchy so it's time to get my butt back out there :twisted: