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Stoppie wierdness

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Wypuk, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Hey all, i dunno how common stoppies are on the GPX but ive been practicing, in a safe enviornment and something really wierd happened: i got a foot off the ground :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
    Na but seriously when i lifted the back then put it down the engine got flooded and i had to wait for liek 10 min to drain it and had to shake the bike for it to start again. does anyone know why that might've happened?


  2. :LOL:

    I haven't done that yet, I think my front suspension is probably too soft for it.

    I almost did a wheelie yesterday, though.
  3. Haaaahaahahahahahaha!

    Sorry, can't help, but I find your post very amusing!

  4. little 250's arent really good for doing endos. i stuffed up my rear suspension on my TZR doing them, then stuffed up the front doing monos haha. within a month had to replace my front fork seals and the rear shock was buggered and made realy ugly noises.

    im not sure why it flooded but maybe its trying to tell you something :p
  5. You've been doing stoppies with your feet on the ground? :shock:

    :LOL: :LOL:
  6. yeha im just a giant and my huge 5'5 frame causes me to drag my feet on the ground, but the stoppie i pulled was soo huge my foot actually lifted off the ground :wink: :wink:

    yeah my front shocks need replacing anyway, and my crappy mono attepts are not helping the situation.

    and Loz... were you or were you not a member of the crappie wheelie squad not to long ago ;)
  7. Absolutely - I graduated and now do *reasonable* wheelies instead. :grin:
  8. The float bowls in the carbs probably got stuck so the carbs flooded. When you gave it a shake they would've dropped back into place. This usually means it's time to pull the carbs down and give them a reco.
  9. The point is shouldn't your feet be ON the PEGS while attempting the stoppie and not flailing in the wind off the side of the bike. lol you bloody midget!!!! Atleast you don't look like a clown on a bike like me and my 6'0 frame do!
  10. as if try stoppies at this age lol. How long have you had your bike? I'm way to scared to try any tricks.

    Quick question: why did the carbs flood? Correct me if i'm wrong, since when did the braking system have anything to do with your carbies flooding? Did you 'clutch in' whilst slamming on the front brakes?
  11. obviously the braking system isn't directly related to the carbies...

    but carbies use gravity to control the amount of fuel in the float bowl (much like a toilet). if you tip it sideways, the fuel moves and the float falls, letting in more fuel.

    i believe that's why aircraft with carbies have trouble doing loops :p