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Stoppie practice

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Rockjob, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. This morning I had my best near miss yet.

    Short version:
    On the way to work on the Cumberland highway in sydney I had an old lady in an excel dive across 3 lanes of traffic, without looking, cutting me off while im doing 70km/h.

    Longer version:
    I'm traveling up the hill at 70 in the middle lane, when this car turns from the side street(on the other side of the road) into the merging bay between the two directions of traffic. Instead of stopping and checking for traffic they continue into the right hand lane. I assumed (never assume) that they would just stay in the right hand lane because they had seen me and/or because they were not upto speed to change lanes. (never assume).

    She continues into the middle lane when im doing about 50-60km/h more than her and shes only about 10meters infront of me. I throw down the anchors, back snaking around and then it lifts up as she moves into the left lane. I was within about a meter of her bumper.

    There was a car in the left lane who was about 15meters behind who would have seen the whole thing and was probably cut off by her too. They gave her a hornfull. I looked in the window to see her shrug. Its my guess she only thought she cut that car off didnt see me and didnt know how close i was to sitting in her back seat.

    The picture attached should help explain it.

    My lunch will taste better than usual today.

    Attached Files:

  2. was the appropriate bird signal applied?
  3. Oh my god. What an idiot! I'm glad you're ok. (all that emergency stop practise was worth it, hey?)

    I was driving to work the other day (a little later than usual, so I got the school traffic too) and I did a little motorbike rider hazard perception practise, and the number of times I spotted drivers just being idiots made me seriously rethink commuting on my bike. It's terrifying how little people care about what they're doing what they're enclosed in a big metal shell.

    I'm alright, Jack...

    Glad you're alright. :)
  4. Didn't get the chance. Was too stunned by what just happened to think of that. I didn't have time to blast her with the horn either. That's how it know it was close.

    I dont do any emergency braking practice on a regular basis. I did it a couple of times when i first got this bike to get the feel for it. Daily riding in (rain or shine) keeps me sharp I hope.
  5. just before the canals eh, that right turn from Canal rd into Cumberland should be blocked, been heaps of prangs there..

    but lesson learnt, be alert from all cars coming out of side streets, they are the worst
  6. Using the governments logic, putting a speed camera there should solve all the problems!
  7. Yea most people are pretty smart. Its the odd few who just do things without realising how dangerous they are.
    I know it sounds bad, but sometimes I wish I could instantly turn into a truck and plow them down. Killing one might save many.

    It was at the right time of morning that instead of me, it could have been a mum and 3 kids on the way to school crashing into this clown.