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Stoppie ends in pain

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by chrome, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. In two minutes, none of them mentioned calling an ambulance? morons.
  2. Thats gotta hurt
  3. ... Its only a busted shoulder!!!:bolt:
  4. why shaking.....he panic? BTW, i think it's just a fall, not very serious unless the bike hit him which i didn't actually see..
  5. Complete and utter dumbass for taking the helmet off, ALWAYS leave that to the ambos - no matter how unhurt you may feel.
  6. ....."At least your on video!!"...... :-s (I'm sure that helped him!!)
  7. shock.

    was definitely close. Either way, he's clearly hurt. Getting dumped onto your shoulder blade is noones definition of fun.
  8. I reckon that will hurt mentaly a lot longer than physically. Hip and shoulder. Ouch.
    And headshake at the worst moment.
  9. headshake, caused by too much weight on the 'bars and not gripping the bike enough around the tank?

    yeah, something like that would be a BIG confidence killer. like flipping a wheelie.
  10. Don't think king kong could have held that. It's more the front end loaded up. Rake 35+ Trail = 0 lol The energy has to go somewhere.
    He never lets go of the brake ???? WTF
  11. It's the US. He may not be insured.

    Agree in cases like this one where the victim can't get the lid off themselves. You'd be pushed to stop me from getting mine off after an off if I felt capable though. As noted above there may be no ambos coming.
  12. In my first aid course, they said to allow the wearer to remove it if they wished, but not to remove it for them unless they were either unconscious and vomiting or they were unconscious and it was obstructing their breathing in some other way.
  13. The ambo's taught us how to if you have to. They stressed if you had too !!!!
    Vomit, not breathing or bleeding from nose or mouth.
    Hopefully you already have them in the prone position. You need someone to support the neck and shoulders. Then the other very carefully slightly tilts it front to back as they lightly pull it off.
    But yeh. They have to be coughing up blood or not breathing.
    But definately get the visor up. Tilt the helmet down a bit if they are conscious so they can breath easier. Keep them calm and don't let them up for a bit. Get them to wriggle fingers and toes so forth, name birth date. Shock can mask a lot of damage and pain. So it really is a good thing to keep them down and calm for just a bit. Till you have a little more information on how they really are.
    Iv'e seen guys try to repeatedly get up on a broken leg. Not nice.
  14. yeah shock is a biatch, you dont really know whats hurt/broken till a little while later.

    i had a massive off in the start of the year on my dirtbike, ended up in the big trees at around 100km/h and after i was concious again the first thing i wanted to do was get the damn helmet off. first though i tested all my limbs to see if it was all sweet then took it off. by the time i got my helmet off the other riders found me (i was 20m down an embankment with the bike about 10m further away).

    took awhile to get up though, felt like i needed to throw up :) then riding the bike back was a huge challenge (about an hour ride at slow pace) and by the time i got back to my car i could feel the pain. was lovely.
  15. Yep; that's always been my understanding.