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Stopped to help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sirprice, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Went down to 12 apostles today from Rye Via Queenscliff etc but did it in the Toyota ute as we were 3 and wouldnt all fit on the Viffer, two bikes pulled up in front of me at the road works traffic lights Laver Hill area , a red Firestorm and a black BCR 600F , soon was picking the 600 out of a ditch , no harm done more pride and paint fortunatly.
    One thing that did stand out was the rider of the VTR pissed off real good and I didnt see him betweeen the incident and the 12 Apostles and F wit drivers bearing down on us with 2 cars with hazards on and obvious needof assitance as 5 people on road and nature strip in the middle of fkin nowhere should have rung alarm bells for most drivers

    Anyway Brent if you read this , I hope you got home safe.
    Dave P
  2. Good on you for stopping and helping. :)
    But, as I've said before, if you want other drivers to stop and assist, you've got to wave them down - you can't expect people to stop unless you give some indication that you wantthem to stop.

    Hope you all enjoyed the rest of the day.
  3. stopping to help

    Hey I /we didnt need anymore help fortunatly , but we did need to feel safer whilst on the outside of a down hill bend assisting someone. A little common sense in the speed department would have gone a long way towards that .
    Two cars with hazards on and a group of people milling around on the nature strip and road edge should have indicated a hazard of some description on the road .
  4. sirprice, you did the right thing, good karma for doing it, unfortunately the world we live in generally doesn't care any more. Those drivers who put you in danger were probably p#*%ed off that you got in their way and interfered with their day.
  5. Like Mithel said, how dare you slow these people down.....
  6. True, they are incredibly important people going about their incredibly important business. You really should have shown some consideration for others, and doffed your caps as they honoured you by not acknowledging your existence.
  7. Sorry, looks like I misunderstood your first post. You meant people were just zooming by at full speed, rather than slowing down enough to reduce the risk of further crashes (let's not call them accidents)?

    In that case, yep - those drivers are dickheads. Not stopping unnecessarily and not slowing to a crawl just to rubberneck are fine. Not reducing your speed a reasonable amount to get safely past the scene of a previous collision is pure stupidity and arrogance.