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Stopped for speeding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tosh, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. I was riding through Thirlmere on Easter Saturday coming from Colo. I entered a 50 zone, a couple of cars parked near the shops nothing else. I was just plodding along and to be honest I didn't check my speedo. Half way down the hill along comes a unmarked cop in his Black XR6 lights and all. I pulled over unaware of any wrong doing.
    He gets out and informs me that I was doing 72kph in a 50 zone. I was appologetic and addmited that I didn't check my speed on that road. I gave no reason for speeding and told him that whatever action he takes I would take on the chin. He asked for my license and he returned to his car to do his checks. When he returned he informed me that due to my clean driving record he would let me off with a caution, but told me that if he had decided to book me I would have lost 8 points. (S**t)!
    I was obviously gratefull and he told me to slow down etc.
    Anyway I just thought I would share this with you and to remind others to be courteous and polite to the cops they are not all bad.
    I know how lucky I was that day, so no more rides for me on double demerit weekends.
    Cheers, Tosh

  2. Was it where there is a little s bend and it goes from 100 to 50 where the railway museum is?, they hunt that bit of road waiting for people to zip through the s without slowing
  3. very lucky mate :)
  4. I lived in SAfica for a few years a long time back, had a mate who was caught speeding in the city (Johannesburg), doing a hundred in a 60.... no fine, straight to court.... The judge asked him what his excuse was, and in his reply, said that he was still in first gear, and what was he meant to do with the othe four ?? He copped a massive fine.... There was no point system over there....
    Young and stupider days I guess =D
  5. 8 points? wtf?

    20k over = 4 points?

    up to 25kph over is only 3 points in vic.
  6. Not telling him what speed you were doing probably went a long way to you getting off. The lesson is never say or even allude to what speed you were doing. Then if they want to book you, they're going to have to prove it!
  7. i think he was telling your porkies, you would have lost 3 points, not 8.

    was good of him not to book you at all
  8. the op said easter saturday, double points
  9. Yep, double demerits for the public holiday. Damn lucky I know.
    He was hiding somewhere on Thirlmere way. Didn't see him and I still no idea where he was set up. I didn't dare ask, I just listened and took off ASAP.

  10. 0-10 is 1 point
    11-20 is 3
    20-30 is 4

    4 doubled is 8
  11. Good thing you diddint drift off into a tree m'lad! a la Ken Lay
  12. Got picked up by a cop doing 110 in a 70, he fined me but considering he could've taken my licence I reckon knocking it down to 4 points & a fine was pretty damn nice of him. I didn't try to weasel out of it or anything either, I think he appreciated that I wasn't being a pain in the arse about it. Pretty rare for me to speed like that, I was in a hell of a hurry to get to a maths exam :p
  13. If it happens you should just take it on the chin like the OP did. Most cops are reasonable, but if you give them attitude then they will arc up and start finding all sorts of other things that they can bin you for.

    That's not going to please some people, I know, but, in my experience, it works best.
  14. When I got pulled in south of Eden on the way back from Melbourne a few years ago, the cop looked at my tyres first of all; he KNEW what I had been doing, but, he said, 'because you are not a young smart-aleck and didn't give me a pile of cheek..." He booked me for the minimum even though he had clocked me for much more.
  15. You get the ones who are doing their job because they believe in it and then you get the arsehats, most lie somewhere in the middle. Be thankful you got one of the good ones.
  16. yeh, got to agree with both that statement and rc36's.
  17. That's rubbish. You always tell them you knew exactly how fast you were going, otherwise they can pretty much railroad you into whatever reading they have on their instrument be it yours or not.

    DOn't tell them how fast you were going, but never ever say that you didn't know how fast you were going.
  18. It's not rubbish - if they have a reading on a laser / whatever, it doesn't matter if you bullshit or not because they already have proof.
    They only really do the whole "so, you were going a bit fast back there" routine when they DON'T have proof, and want you to say something like "I was only a few ks over" so they have an admission of guilt, and bam, fine.

    The three times I've been pulled over for speeding, I've said "Last time I looked at my speedo I was under the limit". Everytime the cop has pulled a face and tried to get me to admit to a few over, and everytime I've stood my ground... no fines so far =D>
  19. it is rubbish, but not for the reason soopahdook gave. Reread the OP and you will find the cop new exactly what speed he was doing.
    "a unmarked cop in his Black XR6 lights and all" For a NSW cop, this is a very good indication that he was most likely HWP, and would have speed measuring equipment.
  20. Not always the case though.
    A cop pulled me over once and said he had me at "58 down from 90" or something similar.
    I know that when I saw the cop I was doing 100-110
    He let me off.
    Personally, I don't think he managed to get an actual reading and was just fishing... I was maybe 150-200m off when I saw him, and I slowed down rather quickly.
    Also, I wasn't a prat about it either. It's a fine line to walk-don't admit a speed, but don't act like an uncooperative dick either.