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Stop these idiots

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. Notice the accompanying photo?
    The print version of Todays Herald Sun carried photos of cars being hoons, not of a bike doing a "stoppie"


    Stop these idiots

    HOON drivers on Victoria's major highways are using cameras and video mobile phones to record their hell-raising antics.

    Police have launched an investigation into the practice, warning that those responsible could face criminal charges.

    Some of the images have started to appear on hooning websites.

    A quick-thinking witness photographed several modified cars swapping lanes on the South Gippsland Highway as their mates videotaped the potentially deadly game.

    The witnesses saw one "film-maker" sitting on the window sill of a moving car.

    The Sunday Herald Sun has supplied police with images taken by the witness and an investigation has started.

    The witness saw this mob of about 20 drivers braking and dangerously swapping lanes in a 100km/h zone on the highway near Lang Lang last Saturday morning.

    "They were all hotted up with huge exhausts and everything. What they did was effectively block the highway," the witness said.

    "There could have been an accident at any moment."

    She said the drivers were travelling about 80km/h.

    They darted between lanes, narrowly missing one another, as front-seat passengers in surrounding cars filmed them. One hoon even sped along the road shoulder to overtake a semi-trailer on the inside.

    Bass Coast traffic management unit chief Sgt Jim Baum said the matter would be followed up and the offenders faced fines and possibly criminal charges.

    "It's not only in this area that this happens, but right across Victoria," he said.

    "It's about bravado. They see it as pure entertainment.

    "There are people out there who think they're six-feet tall and bulletproof.

    "They view this as a sport, trying to bait the police."

    Motorists caught with their body parts protruding from the window face fines of $75 and could faces charges of conduct endangering life.

    Sgt Baum said hoons often used video cameras and video mobile phones.

    He encouraged passing motorists to use new technology, such as camera phones, to their advantage.

    "If you've got the technology, then use it," he said.

    "All we need is the numberplate and a description of the driver and we can follow it up from there."
  2. Never mind the photo.. worry about the TMU Unit Chief encouraging motorists to use phones to capture video or take photographs while they're driving. !!
  3. There taking cars, yet show a pic of a bike!

    And yet you can't talk on your phone, but hey we will let you take a picture of the idiots.

    MOST people would want to back away from them, or get in front to get away from them.

  4. How the hell do you dangerously hold up traffic in a 100 zone by travelling at 80. And overtake semis dangerously at 80 in a 100 zone? Must have been a steep hill
  5. I agree with Nev, encouragement of using a mobile phone while driving.
    I also agree with Sen Ney, why show a picture of a bike? The story is related to people hanging out windows of cars and passing trucks on the inside. Talk about biased reporting.
  6. Thats the first thing I thought of after reading the article..
    Its all about cars, yet they show a pic of Padros :LOL: :p
  7. what a joke. i cant believe that. but its all god when it suites them cause they cna make some money off it, they'll let you use the mobile to take the pics to send in so they can make cash, and thats what its all about. and i bet at the end of it they'll take it out on riders too.. scumbags..

    yeah, this government is doing a great job.. yeah right.
  8. To be fair they were talking about over taking on the inside shoulder - i frigging hate smart arses who do this...
  9. Is that like using the Emergency lane to overtake?
  10. yeah kishy, thats the impression i get.. but you know what truck drivers are like.. sometimes THEY sit 3 across the highway doing little more than 70 - 80 k's, and dont give a shit about the rest of traffic.. so i can understand someone wanting to use the emegency lane to do it..
  11. Or the verge, yeah. Fair enough. Must have been a pretty steep hill if the truck was slow enough so they had to overtake it when they were "blocking the highway" at 80 kph.

    Very very dodgy bit of non reporting. I sent the editor an email not that their was any point to that.
  12. Not in this case bro.. 20 of em were playing up wif others filming :LOL:

    Clear case of hooning I'd say :p :cool:
  13. 20 in sun herald talk = maybe 5 More than 2 anyway. One, two, many.
  14. :LOL: Who cares that they showed a picture of a bike? Its only cause it looks cooler than anything you could get with a still shot of a car!

    I dont even understand why people waste their time reading the paper :?
  15. The media make there money by causing conflict. Then reporting it.
    Late last year one current affairs show talked about truck drivers being bad, then another said old people were a problem then it is P platers then its is people wearing pink underwear with purple poker dots. They would single out a group and make them out to the worst thing on the road.

    By the end of all the accusations everybody was meant to be suspicious of everyone else.

    If they were realy concerned about traffic danger, congestion, road rage they need to bring people together not give them reasons to hate each other.
  16. Well at least we know now who to blame for our bad publicity :LOL:
  17. Interesting views T4 :)
  18. Interestingly enuf, the cops actually sit in their cars & watch
    stunters practicing

    Go figure..

    Publically they are against it, but in private its a diff story. Guess they
    have no choice really

    Next time I'll take a photo of em wif big f*cken grins on their faces
    watchin the shit go down :LOL:
  19. I really couldn't care less what the idiots where doing but as for the use of the bike photo my comment has been sent to the 'herald' by way of there feedback link, and is as follows :

    RE: The Stop these idiots story 26/02/06.
    I agree with the article 100% and also admit that a fair share of these idiots on the road are bike riders too! But what I do disagree on is that this article was entirely about CARS hooning on the South Gippsland Hwy. So why show a Motorbike as the picture? surely you guys have photos of cars doing burnouts or drag racing in your files!
    Fair is fair most people will only see the headline and the photo of the bike, then not read any more. They will just jump too thier own conclusions from the visual information and that will just add to the already growing negative attitude towards bikes in general.
  20. I dunno if someone else has pointed out that in the newspaper there are only pictures of cars doing burnouts plus the photo of the guys actually driving on the south Gipps hwy hanging out to of the car.

    I guess the question is: why put a picture of a bike on their web site when they have the actual pics the story refers to.