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VIC Stop the world, I want to get off

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Thera, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. stolen from TNMR thread.


  2. I don't disagree with the objection to loud exhausts, but it DOES prove the point that the purveyors of this aural assault only succeed in bringing attention and disapproval on ALL of us.....
  3. Jesus ****ing christ, that's ludicrous.
  4. why can't we all just get along?
  5. I will admit, I was very tempted to copy & paste that email and send off a 'nice' reply...but thought against it.
    After supplying my email address, the thought of receiving endless emails of men in pink frilly skirts, or women dressing up their fluffy, groomed cats would shit me to tears !
    What is the world becoming ????
  6. We could make a lot of glass from the sand in those vaginas.
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  7. x 1,000.

    everyone needs to stop having a whinge about everything they don't like. everyone can't have everything their own way.
  8. I have plenty of gmail invites :) oh lol I see you don't need one anymore :p
  9. I'd hazzard a guess that kids have been hooning up and down this road since the sea levels were lower and the Yarra went all the way to the Rip. Long before these moaning whingers were even born. Reminds me of the people complaining about the Geelong ring road passing too close to their houses - the same road that's been on every map for the last thirty years!
  10. How the hell can traffic be associated as worse than rap.e or bulgarys by any stretch of the imagination?

    My god what has the world come too..

    I bet if these whingers mothers/daughters/sisters/wives/grandmothers were rap.ed or house broken in to, the tone would change astronomically quickly... that boggles my brain .. traffic worse than rap.e ... jesus christ we live in a nanny state...

    " The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported in February 2010 (Crime Victimisation, Australia) that dangerous and noisy driving is the crime that is of most concern to Australian communities. 45% of Australians consider these hoon drivers to be the most important criminals in their community - compared with 29% for burglaries and thefts from homes or 13% for sexual and other assaults. This is a clear indication that the problem is a national one and requires political attention "

    What 45% ? where are these stats coming from, i can put money on the fact if you stopped anyone in the street and asked whats worse, loud cars/bikes or burglary and rap.e guess what the answer would be... im sure as hell not one of those 45% ...

    * Blood Boiling *

    " Oh dont mind me im just stealing your television, pearls and money.. having my way with your daughter but oh dont worry i promise i wont do any burnouts or put a loud exhaust on my car/bike.. "

    Muppets.. absoloute muppets....

    All it does is gives a green light to put more police in traffic and stray away from real criminals, hell in another 20 years we wont have to work, we will just break in to peoples places and take what we need, as long as we dont rip a burnout or ride a bike with a loud exhaust or drive a v8 / modified car we will get away with it...


    Rant over.
  11. The stats are rediculous and twisted... and I'm not jumping to their defense here, just proposing an angle...

    I suspect it relates to the fact that most people haven't heard about a ra.pe in their neighbourhood.. and not as many burglaries. 45% would NOTICE and HEAR ABOUT and RELATE DIRECTLY TO dangerous and noisy driving on a day to day basis.

    It's still BS! And interesting how they've combined dangerous and noisy... of course everyone sees stupid and dangerous driving daily, why lump them in together unless you're trying to twist it?
  12. oh The statistics would be twisted, that's what they are for.

    But still the Gall to associate that sort of thing with ****? Am I Consequently 3 times more a Criminal than a ****** because I have a loud(Yet legal) pipe?

    I suppose this individual is the kind that moved into albert/middle park and whats the Formula 1 gotten rid off because it is too noisy. This world is going down hill, and unfortunately those of us with common sense and humanity are going to be too few and far between to stop it, and the only one's who will miss it.

    It is such a shame.
  13. Email sent:D
  14. MRA VIC comments?
  15. Bottom line from community; we dont care if you rob our houses or commit crimes, but you better be quiet about it! :rofl:
  16. *bangs head against wall* this is just stupid...
  17. Don't bang that head against the wall too hard, ya neighbour'll call the rozzers.
  18. What would you like to see said mate?
  19. For perpetuity

    Index page is quoted above.

    "Action page"

    "Links page"
    "contacts page'
    This is very concerning. You'll all be getting EPA notices if you ride down Beach road and beaconsfield pde. You'll love it!
  20. @ chef - Who knows Chef? We all certainly know that many of them bring it on themselves down there. And I won't disagree with the author over that. They are definitely targeting Bikes though. I'd like to hear what the MRA thinks about this whole issue.