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Stop the stalling!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Hyssy, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Copy and pasted from another forum as I CBA to type it all out again, and I'd really appreciate the help:

    I have an 07 VTEC VFR. I've done just about 36,000ks since I bought it in Nov '07 (new). For the most part, it's been fine. But toward the end of the warranty period, I had a dead battery (at 12am, right after work). Took it to Syd City (Lane Cove) who did a check of the charging system, discovered it all to be fine and charged me for a new battery thanks, as these things happen sometimes.

    A month(ish) later, the bike struggles, and stalls on my way home (on my birthday, whoop, 2.5ks from home, infact). It wont kick over and struggles to get the fuel pump primed. Pushed it home and had it taken back to Syd City the next day, the Stator had blown and the (almost new) battery was also fuxed. Stator was changed under warranty and battery was charged to me (apart from some piddling $4 rebate from Honda). All seems fine. That was back in Sep '09.

    But about 4 times since, I've had times when (usually when pulling up at lights) the revs D-R-O-P when I pull the clutch in (400/500RPM) and it goes to idle. I have to rev it for a minute or so to stop it stalling (I have tested it by not revving in response and the thing just dies. It does start back up again after. As this happens when I am usually in traffic, I just rev it to avoid any embarrasing 'Giz a push' situations).

    So it happened again today, and this had never been a problem before the Stator went. I've a feeling the stator being on its way out is what killed the first battery. But I've no idea what's causing these intermittent drop outs. I've heard of faulty oxygen sensors in the exhaust, but have no idea of symptoms or ways to diagnose.

    I have my 36 service up soon and I'll likely be going back to where I purchased, rather than Syd City. But if anyone had any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

  2. Regulator/Rectifier....grrrr.
  3. wot 'e ^ said, gov .....
  4. Any recommended after market versions than a stock Honda that may well just die soon after? :eek:
  5. The VFR regulator is not too bad in general it has a greater cooling fin structure than the type they use for their sports bikes so it is more robust. However lots of people in hotter areas have problems with them. Heat is the killer for these units so if you can increase the cooling or thermal transfer you will improve its life. Putting thermal paste under the regulator where it bolts to the chassis improves the heat transfer and helps. Some people have mounted electric fans over the unit. If you have one of the silver colour ones spraying it black helps, black will radiate heat better than silver.

    There are third party manufacturers Regulatorrectifier.com is one example, not sure if they have an Aussie agent.
  6. Mounting the R/R on a thick block of alloy also helps as it increases its ability to shed heat.
  7. You will want to have a look at http://www.wiremybike.com/. There you will find a replacement R/R and a few other nifty things (the beefier wires are worth it!).

    If you want more information on the stuff for sale there, in particular the vfrness, you will find the owner (Tightwad) on the main VFR discussion forums.

    (and when you get a replacement, give the thermal paste a shot - the bloody things love to kill themselves with heat)
  8. Just looking around, would the R/R be a simple 'unplug>plug in' swap job?

    Looking at a few online and they seem to have the clip connectors (excuse lack of knowledge)...
  9. Sure is.

    Take a look at this photo. Basically unplug the old one, unscrew and remove, place new one, screw it on, plug it in.
  10. It would be a simple swap job if your getting the same R/R.

    You can get one from another manufacturer, ive heard getting one from a R1/gixxa (alot better than honda), with the same number of pins, but you have to rewire the plug or ditch the plug all together. im sure you can find a guide on the net somewhere.
  11. Who's bright idea was it to put the regulator behind the radiator???
  12. typical honda
  13. I happened to be on ebay earlier and noticed cheap new vfr750 regs. $50. try US ebay.
  14. Thank you everyone for your input.

    I realise that it may be annoying to ask people to rack their brains, and then take it to a garage anyway, so I do appreciate it. As it stands, I used to the opinions given, with a bit of research to have a chat with them. They've got my list of problems, the history etc and will call me tomorrow to let me know how they've gone.

    Once again, thanks and I'll post up how it goes.

    In the mean time, I get to zip around on the VTR250 I've been loaned :D